Time To Think

time to thinkPacking has given me a lot of time to think (it doesn’t take a whole lot of brain power to put things into boxes) which I haven’t had lately to consider more where I want this blog and the main site to go. As I mentioned earlier, I haven’t been happy with where things currently are and want to make some changes. Here are some of the issues I’ve been struggling with and thinking about:

1) A post over at Adult ADD & Money got me thinking about how to make a personal finance blog entertaining enough for the average person to come and want to read. Basically, how do you make personal finance entertaining? It takes a special skill to take the everyday personal finance


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  1. John M says:

    Thanks for the mention and good luck with the packing.

    When I first started my blog, the goal was to provide adults with ADD quality and helpful information about personal finances. While I do not plan on developing an e-book, I am planning on developing a seperate area where adults with ADD can get the basic tips and information in dealing with their finances. I think that this will give me the freedom to experiment more with my blog and “attempt” to provide both entertaining and informative content.

  2. jessica says:

    Anyway’s im not a blogger but i think your site’s pretty interesting.i visit a few times a week.keep up the good work

  3. pfadvice says:

    Anyway’s im not a blogger but i think your site’s pretty interesting.i visit a few times a week.keep up the good work

    Your comment is most appreciated. I’m still trying to find my voice and how I want to write to help distribute information. It’s a challenge that I will always be trying to improve upon, but taking note of how I can improve on what I’m currently doing is something that is good for me to think about.

  4. Aldeya says:

    I am not a blogger. I found your site through FW and since then it’s on my Icheckthiseveryday list.

    I looked in a LOT of financial blogs and websites because I was searching for simplicity in dealing with financial problems.

    What made me stop at your site was your “HOW TO” approach to a different aspects of finances, if you will, from the point of view of the ordinary person, not a financial guru or expert.

    I was hooked on your “Daily Challenge” e-mails. THis is EXACTLY what I was looking for. A simple , step-by-step, one thing at a time approach. I printed all of the daily challenges and keep them in a separate binder(and continue to do this with Daily Savings Tips. I do hope that one day you will be able to come back to the Daily Challenges though.)

    I was so impressed by the results that I sent your site and forwarded your e-mails to all my friends and relatives

    I think what I’m trying to say this step-by-step PRACTICAL approach how to deal with EVERYDAY financial problems would definitely attract new readers.

    It definitely worked for me and I have a cable and car insurance bills to prove it:)

  5. pfadvice says:


    Thank you for your comments. I don’t think there can be a bigger compliment from any reader than if they feel the information is worth passing on to others they know.

    The comments are good for me to hear. I do like doing the financial challenges although they do take some time to write – I’m hoping once the move is over and I’m settled in that I can begin those up again as the step by step process is one that I get requests for quite a bit.

    More box packing and thinking ahead…

  6. 2twiggs says:

    I just came across your blog and have enjoyed reading through it. I don’t think you need to make any changes, but am interested to see what you are planning.

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