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time to thinkPacking has given me a lot of time to think (it doesn’t take a whole lot of brain power to put things into boxes) which I haven’t had lately to consider more where I want this blog and the main site to go. As I mentioned earlier, I haven’t been happy with where things currently are and want to make some changes. Here are some of the issues I’ve been struggling with and thinking about:

1) A post over at Adult ADD & Money got me thinking about how to make a personal finance blog entertaining enough for the average person to come and want to read. Basically, how do you make personal finance entertaining? It takes a special skill to take the everyday personal finance information and make it entertaining enough to read for someone who isn’t really into personal finance. Not being the most skilled writer, this often makes it difficult for me to achieve. It’s something that I need to work on, especially with the everyday personal finance topics that really can be boring.

2) Who am I writing for? This is a tough one because currently most of my visitors seem to be other pfbloggers and I feel that I write in that direction to some degree because when I do, I get more comments (and everyone knows that writers love comments). That, however, isn’t who I want to be my main audience. I’d actually love to have an audience that is only mildly interested in personal finances (thus comes the entertaining aspect again), but could find quality information here that they could take with them and improve their own finances. I’m still not sure how I can attract an audience like that.

3) Creating useful content. This is what I started changing with the gas saving tips. Once I get through the entire list, I should have a good quality destination place for anyone who is looking to save money on gas where they can get extensive information on the subject. I also am stealing an idea from Retire Young and Wealthy and will likely turn all this information into an ebook (although I will not sell it, but rather give it away for free). This is what I have decided is my best chance of attracting that “mildly interested in personal finances” demographic to at least take a look at what I’m writing. I know that this blog is going to look like crap until I can get that finished which will likely be a couple of weeks, but have decided that the long term trade-off will be worth it.

4) More experiments. Let’s face it, experiments can be downright fun if done right (or downright boring if not). Still, I’d like to take the time to think about interesting experiments with personal finance and see what results come up. Moving back to the US will give me a lot more opportunities to do this which I’m excited about.

5) I need to chill and get back to writing what I enjoy writing. In my attempt to make this my full time job I’ve neglected doing the writing that I enjoy the most. I’m at the point that I think I can stop looking at the numbers a bit and just concentrate on doing the things I like to do. That has always been the ultimate plan.

…and time to do some more packing.

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6 Responses to Time To Think

  1. John M says:

    Thanks for the mention and good luck with the packing.

    When I first started my blog, the goal was to provide adults with ADD quality and helpful information about personal finances. While I do not plan on developing an e-book, I am planning on developing a seperate area where adults with ADD can get the basic tips and information in dealing with their finances. I think that this will give me the freedom to experiment more with my blog and “attempt” to provide both entertaining and informative content.

  2. jessica says:

    Anyway’s im not a blogger but i think your site’s pretty interesting.i visit a few times a week.keep up the good work

  3. pfadvice says:

    Anyway’s im not a blogger but i think your site’s pretty interesting.i visit a few times a week.keep up the good work

    Your comment is most appreciated. I’m still trying to find my voice and how I want to write to help distribute information. It’s a challenge that I will always be trying to improve upon, but taking note of how I can improve on what I’m currently doing is something that is good for me to think about.

  4. Aldeya says:

    I am not a blogger. I found your site through FW and since then it’s on my Icheckthiseveryday list.

    I looked in a LOT of financial blogs and websites because I was searching for simplicity in dealing with financial problems.

    What made me stop at your site was your “HOW TO” approach to a different aspects of finances, if you will, from the point of view of the ordinary person, not a financial guru or expert.

    I was hooked on your “Daily Challenge” e-mails. THis is EXACTLY what I was looking for. A simple , step-by-step, one thing at a time approach. I printed all of the daily challenges and keep them in a separate binder(and continue to do this with Daily Savings Tips. I do hope that one day you will be able to come back to the Daily Challenges though.)

    I was so impressed by the results that I sent your site and forwarded your e-mails to all my friends and relatives

    I think what I’m trying to say this step-by-step PRACTICAL approach how to deal with EVERYDAY financial problems would definitely attract new readers.

    It definitely worked for me and I have a cable and car insurance bills to prove it:)

  5. pfadvice says:


    Thank you for your comments. I don’t think there can be a bigger compliment from any reader than if they feel the information is worth passing on to others they know.

    The comments are good for me to hear. I do like doing the financial challenges although they do take some time to write – I’m hoping once the move is over and I’m settled in that I can begin those up again as the step by step process is one that I get requests for quite a bit.

    More box packing and thinking ahead…

  6. 2twiggs says:

    I just came across your blog and have enjoyed reading through it. I don’t think you need to make any changes, but am interested to see what you are planning.

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