Fuel Bank – Save Money On Gas

gas - ways to save moneyConcept: Fuel prices fluctuate quite a bit over the course of a year making it difficult to budget for how much you’ll need to spend on gas. The Fuel Bank allows you to purchase gas now and lock in that price per gallon no matter what gas prices do in the future. Many of the media reports show this by interviewing people who locked in their rates at less than $1 per gallon which they are still paying today while the rest of the country is paying close to $3

Once you have purchased your gallons, you can pick-up your pre-paid gallons at any gas station in their system (they are currently laying the groundwork to go nationwide) by using the Fuel Bank card you’re given. No matter wha


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9 Responses to Fuel Bank – Save Money On Gas

  1. SMB says:

    Is it just me, or is there nothing on the site that tells you how to sign up? Granted, I haven’t had any coffee yet this a.m….

  2. pfadvice says:

    I don’t believe they have launched nationally yet although they are planning to this year. I believe they are currently available for those living in Minnesota.

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  4. RT says:

    I was wondering about how do you sign up at fuelbank.com myself, and are the only in MN. Seems they been around a while, people are only paying .89 cents a gal. to a buck. Heck I remember 1995 it was $1.05, wish I knew about this then! Where can I sign up? !!!! RT_12@msn.com

  5. BEWARE says:

    This site looks like a SCAM site designed to take your money. They have 2 fake patent numbers on the front page, the site is very spartan for a real company, it has no e-commerce functions. The TV clips they play are for a company in Minnesota, but their purposefully generic name “fuelbank” gives you the false impression they are talking about their company. I wouldn’t sign up for anything.

  6. pfadvice says:

    Most scam sites want your information so they can take your money. Considering there is no place to even sign up for this site at this point, it kind of goes against the scam theory 😉

    If it is not real, it has fooled a lot of other news organizations too

  7. swarovski says:

    The way gas prices rise in the UK I would be first in the queue if they introduced a similar system in the UK.

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  9. save now says:

    I want to buy this card ASAP while the gas prices are low…someone please tell me where and how?????


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