Advertise On Your Car For Free Gas

gas - ways to save moneyConcept: Advertisers are looking for new ways to reach customers and cars that do a lot of driving have that potential. To hook up advertisers with people who have cars that are willing to advertise, middle men companies will pay you in gas cards to place advertising on their cars.

Will You Save Money?: Yes**

Comments: I wrote earlier about an opportunity to advertise on your car to receive free gas cards. While this concept is still being launched nationally and is currently only available in limited areas, it should be expanding across the US in the next couple of years and is worthwhile to keep your eyes open for. As I mentioned before, the business plan makes a lot more sense than the paid to drive business plan which has resulted in mostly scam sites on the Internet, and should be sustainable over a long term.

**If you already drive the minimum number of miles required and don’t mind placing the advertising on your car, it’s extra money that you can put toward your gas costs to save you money. If you don’t currently drive the required number of miles, however, this concept is probably not worthwhile as it would likely cost you more to drive the extra miles than you’d receive in gas card compensation.

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11 Responses to Advertise On Your Car For Free Gas

  1. John Francis says:

    I am currently driving the required miles, and I’m willing to advertise on my vehicle for gas!!!!!!

  2. rich hall says:

    I drive over 100 miles per day and would be interested in advertising for a gas card.

  3. ashley says:

    i have been wanting to do this for a long time and i drive ALOT… i would like u to get back to me with any information of how i would be able to start advertising for gas money!

  4. Fran says:

    I own two cars and would be willing to advertise for free gas.

  5. patrick says:

    i have a motor home,and am retiered, would like to drive more, and i am willing to advertise for free gas

  6. david says:

    I drive alot.. I’d like to get free gas!!

  7. janice petri says:

    I drive to 3 states per week as well as the regular mom and family travel. I am looking for info on car advertising, it would be a great way to supplement my income.

  8. I am driving at lest 60 miles per day on state hwy and in Austin Texas Is that enough miles to get me a sign on my car?

  9. angie m says:

    i would like to get paid money for advertising on my car, can anyone tell me who i can call in austin, texas??

  10. randall greene says:

    looking for a co. who is willing to advertise on my vehicle and pay me to do it , I drive the phoenix market a hundred miles a day calling on restaurants and other businesses!

  11. jeffrey says:

    Unfortunately, I don’t no of any legitimate car wrap companies that are looking for new drivers these days. Please DO NOT pay to get on a list. These are all scams and will not help you in any way. There are also a rising number of car wrap scams taking place according to the BBB: Apologies for not being able to deliver more positive news.

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