Wealth Coin Updates

good luck coin - God of WealthIt seems that the majority of the wealth coins have vanished en route to their first destination. Even though I have the contact addresses to these people and could email them to ask what is going on, I made the decision when I started this that I would let everything play out on its own and I wouldn’t be sending out reminders to people to keep the coins moving. I have my fingers crossed that at least a few of them will return to me at the end of the year, but won’t be putting any pressure on anyone to keep the coins moving. We shall see what happens…

I did get a hear that mapgirl received her coin and plans to write about it this weekend. I also received word through email that Yuki received wealth coin number 7 is in Singapore with the note, “Thanks so much. Hope our wishes will come true” which gives the contest a nice international flavor. I’ll be interested to see where that coin ends up.

You can see where all the coins currently are here

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