Freezer Blocking With $90,000

money stack - William Jefferson briberyIt seems the media is taking shots at Rep. William Jefferson of Louisiana for having $90,000 in his freezer and claiming there is a rational explanation:

It takes a particular kind of nerve to be filmed taking $100,000 in alleged bribe money out of an FBI informant’s car, have the FBI later find the same cold, hard cash wrapped in aluminum foil in your freezer — and then adamantly claim that you have done nothing wrong.

But Rep. William Jefferson of Louisiana has that rare trait — to the horror of his fellow Democrats who are hoping to convince voters that it’s the Republicans who are corrupt. “There are two sides to every story,” Jefferson said, restating his innocence in a Capitol Hill news conference yesterday. “There are certainly two sides to this story.”

Now I have a perfectly acceptable version of why that money was there. My guess is that William Jefferson is an avid follower of my blog and daily saving tip and was merely attempting to cut down on his utility bill by freezer blocking – I’ll be interested to see if he can come up with a better explanation 😉

2 thoughts on “Freezer Blocking With $90,000

  1. Rep. Jefferson got confused. He meant to put the money in the clothes washer so he could launder the money.

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