God of Wealth Coin In LA & Minnesota

good luck coin - God of WealthThe God of Wealth coin received it’s first publicity from a non participating member over at the Worker Bees Blog which was much appreciated in getting coins beyond the personal finance community.

It seems that the first coins have begun arriving at their destinations. The Everyday Goddess received wealth coin number 3 and took it to The Hollywood Walk of Fame (now how cool is that? I wonder what the people around her were thinking as she placed the coin down to take photos of it on that star?). She also shared her wish:

Wealth Coin #3 in Hollywood

Now, I’m supposed to make a wish before I pass it on. And since it’s a wish, not a goal, I’m going to make it a big one.

I’d like to let go of my bitterness about not having the time and advantages that money buys. I’d like to be a little less infuriated when I bump up against a financial limitation that holds me back. I’d like to stop being so mad and so frustrated about money all the time.

I wish for the strength to accept the limitations of my financial situation and the wisdom to make the best decisions I can while still pushing forward toward my goal to become a director.

Liz hand picked the next destination and the next stop of wealth coin #3 is blogography

Wealth coin number #8 arrived in Minnesota, USA and I received the following email:

I was soooooo happy to find the wish coin (#8) in my mailbox today. It’s so interesting to see how coins from other countries are so different from those of the US. I found myself staring at it wondering what I should wish for and turning it over and over in my hand. Finally I knew the perfect wish and made it holding the coin tightly (am I supposed to tell?).

I will be sending the coin to my brother in New York this weekend… – A. Dobbs

A note for all those that receive coins – it’s completely up to you whether or not you want to reveal your wish. I feel that this is a great start to the project and can’t wait to here about more of the coins and where they end up…

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2 Responses to God of Wealth Coin In LA & Minnesota

  1. lizriz says:

    Hi Jeff!

    So I go downstairs on my lunchbreak to take a picture of the coin on the big star. I’ve never taken a picture of a star – only walked briskly around the tourists on my way to and from lunch, and to be honest, I’m a little worried someone from work will come by and laugh at me. As I approach, I see a husband taking a picture of his wife. I offer to take their picture together, which they are pleased about. Like many tourists, I think they’re surprised anyone’s being so friendly and obliging. Then they offer to take my picture. Oh, they think I’m a fellow traveler.

    “Oh, I live here,” I say. And then I kinda fib, “I just promised someone I’d take a picture of something.”

    I was intent on my task – get in, get out.

    Walking back to my office, though, I realized I should have played along and let them take it. It would have been fun in the blog post, and what a snapshot of my now – 34 year old me, broke, nobody, feeling so far away from my dreams, standing on Hollywood Blvd. by the statue of four famous actresses, next to the big star. Feeling like a tourist.

    I think may go back and take that picture someday soon. Perhaps right on my 35th birthday in June, since I’ll be at work.

    Bringing it back around to finances, I think it’s these quick decision moments that make all the difference. The more you make the right choices in those moments, the better off you get. No, I don’t need to buy that now. No, I’m not going to bid on that just cause it’s cheap and I really want it. Yes, I’m going to send that windfall to that closed account.

    Incidently, directing a film or a television show is the same way. It’s all about the quick little decisions you make under pressure and how many you ultimately get right. 🙂

  2. mapgirl says:

    I got my coin last week or the week before! I’m so sorry I haven’t mentioned it, but I will try to shoot a photo to send this weekend.

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