Personal Finance Reading – May 17, 2006

weekly readingOne of the best places to find coupons is a place that most people never consider – actually at the grocery store. In fact, there are probably a lot more variety of coupons available that you imagined if you keep your eyes open. These include:

  • SmartSource Coupon Machines
  • Freezer Extras
  • SmartSource TakeOne Boxes
  • SmartSource Showcase Extras
  • Catalinas (Check-Out Coupons)
  • Tearpads
  • Try Me Free or Rebate Forms
  • Winetags and Collars
  • Brochures and Loose Coupons
  • Peelies

    Be sure to keep an eye out for all these different types of coupons on your next trip (in-store coupons are often more valuable than those found in the Sunday newspapers) and you may find a new way to increase your groc

  • ...

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    1. markio26 says:

      i am always on the look out for free coupons… i find alot at kmart and topps.

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