Find Air Leaks – Daily Financial Challenge

caulk - save moneyAir leaks around windows and doors cost you money. It makes perfect sense. If air is escaping, then your air conditioner / heater has to work that much harder to keep the inside of your house at your desired temperature.

The problem is that these air leaks aren’t always readily apparent. The best way to check for air leaks is to light a candle or an incense stick and walk around the house placing it around the frames of doors and windows (it helps if it is windy outside rather than a calm day). If the candle flame starts to flicker (or smoke from the incense gets sucked out), you know that you have an air leak and can determine exactly where it is. If you don’t have a candle or in


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3 Responses to Find Air Leaks – Daily Financial Challenge

  1. Gigi says:

    Don’t forget to put plastic over the windows during the winter. It’s amazing to see how drafty windows and patio doors really are.

  2. Steven says:

    That makes a lot of sense. In my apartment complex, there are gaps around the front door, so I really need to talk to the land lord and get her to get someone to put rubber along the base. As it’s getting hotter and hotter down here, we are more prone towards running the air and/or fans, and I know it’s just escaping right under the door, as our electric bill has more than doubled in the last two months.

    I am an unhappy room mate right now. :)

  3. markio26 says:

    we have new windows and we still used heavy plastic over the windows during the winter… and our electric bill was still high…we used portable heaters also… and kept the temp in each room at 68 degrees.. we are located 3 lake miles from canada and get the canadian wind..

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