Computer Sleep Mode – Daily Financial Challenge

computer sleep mode - save moneyIf you are reading this, then you have likely have a computer and this will apply to you. If your computer is at home, it uses more energy than all of the other office equipment you have nearby combined. The problem is that turning off your computer every time you leave for a few minutes and then turning it on again is a hassle for many people, especially having to wait for the computer to load each time.

Furthermore, a lot of people don’t even realize they are wasting energy. There is a misconception that screen savers reduce the amount of energy the computer is using. Unfortunately, this is a myth and a computer running a screen saver is using just as much energy as one in use. There


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6 Responses to Computer Sleep Mode – Daily Financial Challenge

  1. Tanya says:

    My computer keyboard has a key with the shape of a cresent moon on it. When pressed it puts the computer into sleep mode. Before looking at software check out your keyboard instead.

  2. ~Dawn says:

    I find that people who have dsl or broadband and are not very computer savvy have trouble with this feature.

    When you put your pc into a sleep mode, and you leave your cable modem or dsl modem on, you will lose connection to the net when you bring the pc out of sleep mode.

    Make sure you unplug and replug the modem after your pc comes out of sleep modem so that the modem will “know” that your pc is back (awake)

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  4. Sarah says:

    my computer is in a sleep mode and i can’t wake him up. I pressed a key and mouse but nothing happened. When I turn my computer on it beeps and goes onto Windows…then appears a black screen with the message “Attention” Entering sleep mode” and my computer starts again…then it beeps, goes onto Windows and the message appears again and my computer starts again…and again…can anybody help me? I went to a computer shop but the men said…just buy a new computer…?!

    Thank you very much

  5. Ozgur says:

    I got same probem with sarah. And idea how to get rid of that problem?

  6. Carlos says:

    Some computers (like my Dell Desktop that I have in my office) won’t wake up on keyboard or mouse, but on the power button. On sleeps mode the power button blinks. When I shut down the PC the light on the button is off, and when the PC is running the light is always on.

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