Money Myths – Media Mention

Michelle Singletary - Washington Post Columnist - Color of MoneyIt was a good week for media mentions. Michelle Singletary, who writes the column Color of Money for the Washingtom Post highlighted an article I wrote for the main site about Money Myths. Some of the myths I mention:

  • I have a savings account so I’m saving money
  • If I buy something on sale, I’m saving money
  • If I refinance my house at a lower rate, I’m saving money
  • If I have a 0% or a cash back credit card, I’m saving money
  • If I made more money, it would be easy to save money
  • There are a lot of money myths that take place when you don’t actually run the numbers to see how what you’re doing affects your personal finances.

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    3 Responses to Money Myths – Media Mention

    1. makingourway says:


      Great myth’s!! Congratulations on the press mention.


      PS How about adding:

      i’ve set up an IRA with my bank who put my money into a CD.
      Or… I own whole life insurance … that’s my retirement.

    2. Mike says:

      That’s pretty cool. She basically built her whole article on what you wrote. It is usually blogs and websites talking about main stream media, but more and more we are seeing the reverse.

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