God of Wealth Coin Update

good luck coin - God of WealthThank you to all the people who contacted me about the God of Wealth coins. The last coin went out today and the first ones should be arriving at their destinations fairly soon. Eight coins went to the US, one to Central America and one to Europe. About half the initial participants are pfbloggers with the other half having a variety of different themed journals. I was glad to see that as I do hope this moves beyond the personal finance arena as the coins get passed along.

It’ll will be interesting to see where they all travel before coming back here to me. I’m also quite curious to see how different people choose to pass the coins along to others. I look forward to seeing the results of this little experiment and hope that everyone that participates has fun.

I’ve set up a link on the right side under the feature section for this little project. I will be updating that page as I receive information about where the coins are. Each of the ten coins has been numbered so those that receive the coin in the future can track exactly where is has been before arriving to them. What would be really fun is creating a map like the airlines have for their routes and be able to follow where the coins have been going that way, but the time involved in setting something like that up is something I don’t have at the moment.

Anyway, hopefully the project will bring some joy to those who participate and read about it and allow me to meet some new people along the way.

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