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personal finance article - AM New York
I was interviewed last week about my opinions on loaning money to friends and the article appeared in today’s AM New York personal finance section. For the most part, it comes across well and the main website is mentioned twice in the article (unfortunately, no direct link). They made a small mistake in saying “…your money could be earning up to 4% APR in an online savings account” when it should have been “more than 4% APR,” but otherwise I don’t have any complaints.

I think it was a good topic to cover as I don’t see a lot of media about the subject. I have written in the past about my philosophy about lending money to friends and I do think that everyone should take the time to come up with a system for themselves that they are comfortable with. Once you have a system in place, it makes dealing with friends and family asking for money a lot easier.

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  1. jody says:

    “hey can i borrow $20, i’ll pay you in one month”
    “not so fast. more like you’ll pay me back $20…and seven cents”
    “dude, whatever!”

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