I’m A Pro Blogger

my professionI had one of those “oh, wow” days today. In being introduced to some new people today, a good friend said the following:

“This is Jeffrey. You won’t believe what he does. He’s a professional blogger…”

The introduction caught me by surprise because while it’s correct to some degree (with a big asterisk since a lot of the income comes from websites that have nothing to do with this little project here), I haven’t really thought of myself that way. I’ve always thought of that as a goal I was shooting for and since the goal included both Nate and I working full time, we haven’t reached it yet. But after our last decision to keep m


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9 Responses to I’m A Pro Blogger

  1. brcmapgirl says:

    Interesting typo in the quotation. You might want to fix it. 😉

    I think it’s pretty cool to be introduced as a professional blogger. I’d love to do it full time, but I like the security I have currently with my desk job.

  2. jim says:

    When I started blogging my friends all joked around with me about how I ran a website and made ten cents a day (and that was a good day!). Recently someone asked and was shocked at the response… it’s kind of weird earning so much money from something that you never expected would generate this type of income. I too hope it keeps up.

  3. Mike says:

    I know if I tell someone I make money from the internet, they always seem to look at me like I am doing something shifty. I know if I ever went full-time with this, it would be difficult to explain. I am fairly sure friends and family would keep asking me, “when are you going to get a real job?”

  4. twins15 says:

    Heh… congrats, I guess! :)

  5. Flexo says:

    When I got out of college years ago, I was a subsitite teacher earning $70 a day. I’ll be happy to reach that amount in my websites.

  6. Perky says:


  7. MM says:

    I wish I can do blogging full time but my opportunity cost is too high. My wish is to become a full time blogger in a few years with $1M net worth as the safety net.

  8. 2million says:

    Yeah I think MM has a lead on everyone at the moment. His advertising is bringing in the big bucks; Jeffs well on his way though.

    On an somewhat unrelated topic – would you believe Im banned from posting on MM’s site. Not sure what I said to offend him……

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