Personal Finance Reading – Monday 5-8

weekly readingIt’s the start of a new week and here is some more reading on a number of topic that may be of interest:

There are some investing basics to remember that come handy when investing during a volatile stock market:

  • Diversify
  • Keep A Long-Term Perspective
  • Invest In Bad Times And Good
  • Don’t Forget Those Dividends
  • Market Declines Are Natural
  • It’s always good to take a long term view when investing in the stock market and the above notes, although not always easy to follow, are good guides to go by.

    Do you have Debtor’s Disease? Some symptoms include:

  • Requesting credit increases
  • Apply for new credit cards because your current credit balances are maxed out
  • Rescheduling monthly bill payments due to lack of funds
  • Using credit to meet your living expenses
  • Credit card payments equal more than 10 -15% of your monthly income
  • Luckily, there are some steps that you can take to start working on a cure. If you find that you have any of the above symptoms, the time to begin working on that cure is right now.

    More carnivals:

    A big thank you to Fat Pitch Financials who stepped up to rescue this week’s Investing submissions at the last minute. Getting carnivals up takes a lot of time and stepping in at the last minute shows a lot of class. As always, some good reading about a wide variety of investment topics.

    For those looking for a lot of extra reading to begin the week, Harshly Mellow has 70 articles on capitalism that you can browse through.

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