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home improvements that pay back moneyIf you are thinking about remodeling, getting ready to sell or just want to know where is the best place to spend your hard earned money in relation to your house, you need to be aware that the majority of home improvements fail to increase the value of your house enough to recover the cost of making the improvement. That being said, there are 10 home improvements you can make that will likely result in double digit returns at a minimum and possibly triple digit returns depending on where you live. The Home Improvement Increase In Value Calculator at HomeGain gives 10 home improvements that that you can make which will greatly increase the sale value of your home.

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  2. G says:

    The exterior is one of the most important parts of the property because of the visual effects. The proper landscaping and a well kept yard can dramatically increase the value of a house. Trees are desirable as well as fences. A few upgrades outdoors can dramatically improve the desirability of your property.

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  5. Lorraine Weston says:

    Staging plays such an important role when a house is being shown to potential buyers. Sometimes, it is what makes the difference between whether a buyer chooses your house or the one next door. If you know your house is in good condition, in a good neighborhood, etc., take that bit of extra time to add the finishing touches…it really does matter!

  6. DES says:

    My home is 14 years old, very well maintained and backs up to a golf course. I live in the midwest, which means outdoor activities are limited to 6 months, at best. I would like to add a covered deck (by extending the roof line) as well as increasing the size of the deck and possibly adding an outdoor patio/dining/firepit area. The recent quote to add the deck and covered roof is $34,000 since we would be using Tyvek vs Asek decking. What is the likelihood that I could regain my investment when I sale?

  7. pfadvice says:

    @ DES

    Your best bet is to ask a realator in your area – since prices vary so much from region to region and even in the local area, they would be the best ones to know whether you could get your money back for the investment

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