God Of Wealth Good Luck Coins

good luck coins going to the God of WealthI was putting away my winter clothes this week when I came across the jacket I wore when I went to pray to the God of Wealth and found an extra 10 five-yen good luck coins I had placed in the pocket. Instead of simply throwing the coins back into my coin jar, I thought it would be fun to send them out to other bloggers so that they could make a wish to the God of Wealth. Then they can pass the good luck coin along to one of their readers who can make a wish and so on down the line. Then whoever has the coin at the end of this year, can send it back to me and I will take it to the shrine again and this time give it to the God of Wealth so that everyone’s request can be heard.

Here are the rules:

  • If you want to make a wish to the God of Wealth, simply email me your name and address so I can mail you the coin. I only have 10 coins, so it is a first contact, first serve basis.
  • When you receive the coin, hold it in your hand and make a wish to the God of Wealth.
  • If you have a blog, post on your blog that you have a good luck coin that’s going to the God of Wealth in Japan and pass it along to any one of your readers however you decide to do so. Trackback or leave a message when you have you post up so I can let everyone know where the different coins are and link back to your post. If you don’t have a blog, make sure that you email me so I know where the coin is and can keep everyone informed.
  • Continue this process until December 15, 2006. Whoever has a coin on that date will send it back to me so that I can take them all with me when I visit the shrine again next year.

    I just thought this would be interesting to see where and how far the coins travel before needing to get back here and for everyone that participates to have some fun. If you have any questions, leave a comment and lets see if we can get the coins to travel all over the world and how many requests we can get to pass along to the God of Wealth.

    Questions Asked: Should I tell my wish?

    This is completely up to you. If you want to share, please do, but you are also more than welcome to keep it to yourself. The choice is completely yours:

    Where The Coins Are

    Coin #1 History

    5/26/2006 – In Arlington, VA

    Left Japan

    Coin #2 History

    Left Japan
    5/31/2006 – El Salvador

    Coin #3 History

    Left Japan
    5/19/2006 – In Hollywood, CA
    5/31/2006 – In Cashmere, WA

    Coin #4

    Left Japan

    Coin #5

    Left Japan

    Coin #6

    Left Japan

    Coin #7 History

    Left Japan
    5/26/2006 – In Singapore

    Coin #8 History

    Left Japan
    5/19/2006 – In Minnesota

    Coin #9

    Left Japan

    Coin #10 History

    Left Japan
    6/11/2006 – In Oregon

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    13 Responses to God Of Wealth Good Luck Coins

    1. sue says:

      peagan false gods do not have the power to give wealth

    2. pfadvice says:

      peagan false gods do not have the power to give wealth

      Neither does throwing a coin into a wishing well guarantee a wish will come true, but it still is fun.

      No “God” has the power to give you wealth, pagan or otherwise. If that was the truth, only those of a certain religion would be wealthy… 😉

    3. mapgirl says:

      What’s a ‘peagan’ god? 😉

      I’m game! I’ll send you my address soon. I actually have a little ceramic frog I keep in my purse. It’s a netsuke with a little card about how keeping it in my wallet will mean my money will return to me.

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    6. Kevin says:

      Are the coins labelled “Left Japan” but with no other history still available?

    7. pfadvice says:

      Are the coins labelled “Left Japan

    8. Karl says:

      So can we still get in on this coin tour action?

    9. pfadvice says:

      So can we still get in on this coin tour action?

      Hmmmm…I’ve been thinking about this, and I think I’ll leave it to the coins that are currently out there. I assume some of the people who receive the coins will be posting on their blogs to give it away, so if you really want one, you can keep an eye on where the coins are and try and get it from one of them.

    10. pfadvice says:

      wow, this certainly didn’t turn out like I expected…maybe we’ll give it another try next year, but I’ll have to figure out a better way to distribute them so they don’t all disappear so fast as they did this time…

    11. gennick says:

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    13. douddyLetly says:

      There was this guy see.
      He wasn’t very bright and he reached his adult life without ever having learned “the facts”.
      Somehow, it gets to be his wedding day.
      While he is walking down the isle, his father tugs his sleeve and says,

      “Son, when you get to the hotel room…Call me”

      Hours later he gets to the hotel room with his beautiful blushing bride and he calls his father,

      “Dad, we are the hotel, what do I do?”

      “O.K. Son, listen up, take off your clothes and get in the bed, then she should take off her clothes and get in the bed, if not help her. Then either way, ah, call me”

      A few moments later…

      “Dad we took off our clothes and we are in the bed, what do I do?”

      O.K. Son, listen up. Move real close to her and she should move real close to you, and then… Ah, call me.”

      A few moments later…


      “O.K. Son, Listen up, this is the most important part. Stick the long part of your body into the place where she goes to the bathroom.”

      A few moments later…

      “Dad, I’ve got my foot in the toilet, what do I do?”

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