April Profits For Sat Sites

April profits for satellite sitesOverall it was a good month for Nate and I. The satellite sites had both some quite positive numbers as well as some numbers that were a bit disappointing. It was our first full month with site managers and it worked out fairly well although all the sites lost money compared to March when the amount we paid to the managers was factored in (without counting their pay, all increased income). This is not disappointing at all as we knew that it would take time for the efforts to pay off and the numbers that we did get are a positive sign that the managers will work in the long run. I think that they can all be in positive numbers by the end of the three month trial time we set.

As you will see, we have a couple of sites that are performing well above most others (if we could only find the secret to make all the sat sites perform this well). These two helped to raise the average of the 23 sites that were up a full month to $45.13, up from $41.60 the month before. It will be interesting to see if we can keep this momentum going throughout May (fingers crossed here). Here are the numbers.

Satellite April profits

Earning Rank April Change
1 $309.60 +$115.07
2 $225.31 +$16.31
3 $86.61** -2.89
4 $59.54 +$37.05
5 $58.03 +$7.45
6 $55.25 -$10.72
7 $41.86 -$17.43
8 $41.24 -$22.29
9 $25.14 +$0.01
10 $21.81 +$13.07
11 $19.06 $0.00
12 $16.96 +$4.70
13 $16.53 +$5.79
14 $13.93 +13.93
15 $13.28 +$1.26
16 $12.84 +$2.59
17 $12.25 N/A
18 $11.42 +$9.67
19 $11.18** -$3.99
20 $7.14## N/A
21 $3.75 +$3.75
22 $2.97** N/A
23 $2.35 +$2.35
24 $1.56 -$1.45
25 $1.23 +$1.23
26 $1.14 N/A
27 (-$10.40)** -$11.06

The numbers with the ** next to their number are the sites that were managed during the month. The number with the ## next to it is a new one I placed in this month. It is a combination of all the random blogs I have set up, started and abandoned over the last year that still get a a tiny bit of traffic and occasionally some earnings.

Overall both Nate and I were happy about the month. We hope to continue to grow the earning this coming month as well as implement a few of our new ideas. Still exciting stuff as we try and make this work.

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4 Responses to April Profits For Sat Sites

  1. Nick says:

    Were there any big events (publicity, etc.) or changes (ad layout, etc.) that caused such a big jump for satellite #1? And what’s the deal with #27?

  2. pfadvice says:

    Were there any big events (publicity, etc.) or changes (ad layout, etc.) that caused such a big jump for satellite #1? And what’s the deal with #27?

    For satellite site #1 it seems to have moved up in search engines and it did get a bit of publicity to drive more traffic toward it.

    Satellite #27 is a managed site that basically had $0 income for the last few months. Last month with a manager it brought in $9.60, but as part of the manager agreement, we pay a minimum of $20 per month – thus the negative number.

  3. Mike says:

    I think you are seeing some nice numbers here. The mini-site strategy is starting to pay off.

  4. twins15 says:

    Nice work! Very interesting stuff.

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