2006 Goals Review – April

My 2006 goalsThis month seemed to fly by. I didn’t spend near as much time as I had the previous few months addressing these specific goals as I was doing a lot of work on other areas of our network that Nate and I deemed important. It showed in the numbers for this month:

Increase unique visitors to the main site to 5,000 a day

While we’re still well below the 5,000 a day unique mark we had hoped for, we did see an uptick in unique visitors this past month. It seems a couple of key phrases rose in the Google search engine bringing more traffic our way.

Double membership to 11,500

Sign-ups continue at about 10 a day and we’re closing in on the 8,000 sign-up mark, but as mentioned prev


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3 Responses to 2006 Goals Review – April

  1. I’ve noticed that rss subscribership seems to go in fits and starts… Nothing for awile, and then suddenly I’ll notice that the numbers have jumped a bit. I have no idea why this is.

  2. MM says:

    It appears to me that feedburner reading has weekly seasonality up to 20% between weekend and weekdays.

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