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IRS Tax Refund Multiple Direct Deposit Offered

Some good news from the IRS today. Beginning January 2007, if you are getting a tax refund, you can designate the tax refund to go into up to three different accounts. Previously you could only designate a single savings or … Continue reading

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$50 Gas Card For Grand Vitara Test Drive

One of the great things about higher gas prices (if there ever can be a great thing) is that promotions pop up all over the place to help people with gas. Suzuki is giving away a free $50 Shell Gas … Continue reading

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Dave Ramsey Is God

I was skimming through the forums and discovered that Dave Ramsey is God: Read the book and it’s like the bible. Full of truth. If you follow it, it will lead you out of debt. Once you learn to stop … Continue reading

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Does Self-Service Gas Save Money?

Concept: Pump your own gas and there is no need to pay the salary of the person that would give you full service. Will You Save Money?: Yes** Comments: This one seems like a no brainer when it comes to … Continue reading

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Find The Lowest Prices On Gas

Concept: Use the Internet to find the cheapest gas stations by having a loyal base of users enter in the prices that they see. By knowing where the lowest price gas is available, you can save money. You can use … Continue reading

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Time To Think

Packing has given me a lot of time to think (it doesn’t take a whole lot of brain power to put things into boxes) which I haven’t had lately to consider more where I want this blog and the main … Continue reading

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Gas Gift Cards

Concept: A gift card is a pre-paid card which can be used to purchase gas at a specific brand gas station. Gas stations like gift cards because the amounts are pre-paid so they can earn interest on them before you … Continue reading

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Gas Station Credit Cards

Concept: The gas companies themselves would like to partake in the money that credit cards generate, so many have introduced a branded credit card or an exclusive gas station only card. Will You Save Money?: Yes** Comments: Gas cards from … Continue reading

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Fuel Bank – Save Money On Gas

Concept: Fuel prices fluctuate quite a bit over the course of a year making it difficult to budget for how much you’ll need to spend on gas. The Fuel Bank allows you to purchase gas now and lock in that … Continue reading

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Use A Gas Reward Credit Card To Save On Gas

Concept: Credit card companies have a number of incentives to encourage you to use their credit card. This includes receiving a fee from the merchant that accepts the credit card and if you don’t pay off your credit card bill … Continue reading

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Pay Cash For Gas & Get Discount

Concept: Gas stations must pay a percentage fee to the credit card company every time you use a credit card to pay for your gas. If you pay for your gas in cash, they don’t have to pay for this … Continue reading

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Advertise On Your Car For Free Gas

Concept: Advertisers are looking for new ways to reach customers and cars that do a lot of driving have that potential. To hook up advertisers with people who have cars that are willing to advertise, middle men companies will pay … Continue reading

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Save Money On Gas

With gas prices as high as they are, there are all kinds of gas saving tips floating around. I spent a few hours surfing looking for ideas that people are listing as ways to save money on gas. Here are … Continue reading

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Wealth Coin Updates

It seems that the majority of the wealth coins have vanished en route to their first destination. Even though I have the contact addresses to these people and could email them to ask what is going on, I made the … Continue reading

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A New Plan

I spent a good part of yesterday trying to come up with a plan to make this blog a better example of what I want. I now have a plan, although I’m not sure how it will work. It is … Continue reading

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Today & the Future

Sometimes a phrase or quote comes along at the perfect time and sticks with you. That happened to me today as I was thinking about this site and how it isn’t what I want it to be: Everyday is a … Continue reading

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Freezer Blocking With $90,000

It seems the media is taking shots at Rep. William Jefferson of Louisiana for having $90,000 in his freezer and claiming there is a rational explanation: It takes a particular kind of nerve to be filmed taking $100,000 in alleged … Continue reading

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Watch Less TV – Personal Finance Challenge

Many people believe that watching TV is one of the most inexpensive forms of entertainment. If you look solely at the costs of the energy needed to run the TV, there could be an argument made for this reasoning. If … Continue reading

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God of Wealth Coin In LA & Minnesota

The God of Wealth coin received it’s first publicity from a non participating member over at the Worker Bees Blog which was much appreciated in getting coins beyond the personal finance community. It seems that the first coins have begun … Continue reading

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Forego The Dryer – Daily Financial Challenge

Dryers are quite convenient, but they are also an expensive convenience. In fact, most electric clothes dryers use roughly 5 kw of energy which is more than most central air conditioners. If you dry an average of a load of … Continue reading

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