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This Week’s Reading

All the festivals and carnivals for this week if you’re looking for some extra reading: Vanities: Free Money Finance Frugality at Canadian Capitalist Capitalists at Business Opportunities Weblog Debt Reduction at Wandering Indian Monk Personal Finance at My Money Blog

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Budget Busters – The 4 E’s of Overspending

An article titled Men Don’t Buy Tampons which relates how her husband ended up spending about a hundred dollars for a $3 box of tampons (a very funny read that I can relate to having endured the stares when asked … Continue reading

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Cherry Blossom Viewing In Kobe Japan

Spring is in the air and the cherry blossoms are beginning to bloom. That meant that we had to go out for cherry blossom viewing and none of this casually walking around viewing – my wife wanted to get dressed … Continue reading

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Take Your Own Drink – Daily Financial Tip

Whatever you buy to drink when you’re outside the home, you’re most likely paying more for it than you should be. While you have probably heard a million times it’s less expensive to bring your lunch to work rather than … Continue reading

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The $165 Hello Kitty Plush

I received a letter from a reader regarding my post about my wife’s hobby / business saying that he didn’t believe that a Hello Kitty plush (stuffed doll) would sell for more than $150. He made it specific that it … Continue reading

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A New Look

We finally have a new look for the satellite sites. It will be interesting to see the effect that the new design has as we have added more advertising than we had before. Hopefully this in addition to adding the … Continue reading

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Use Half The Amount – Daily Financial Tip

You probably are aware that the advertising we see on TV is trying to influence you into buying a certain product. What you might not be so aware of, however, is that the advertising is also trying to influence the … Continue reading

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Reduce ATM Fees – Daily Financial Tip

Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) fees are nothing more than a convenience fee, much like paying more money for food at your local convenience store. While most people realize that it doesn’t bode well financially to do all their grocery shopping … Continue reading

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Survivor Bias – What Investment Managed Funds Are Hiding

I believe that the best investment you can make is saving money and the easiest way to do it is through a simple investment plan. Part of that plan is using index funds to invest in stocks rather than managed … Continue reading

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Adjust Tax Withholdings – Daily Tip

With taxes due just around the corner, you have (or soon will) find out whether you’re paying or receiving a refund. While a large tax refund is fun to get, it’s also an indication that you’re not having the correct … Continue reading

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March Profits For Sat Sites

Looking at the numbers for March we knew that we needed to make some adjustments to our building of additional sites. While a few of the sites are quite performing well, the majority of them are not. What we’d ultimately … Continue reading

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2006 Goals Review – March

A quarter of 2006 is now gone and it’s time again to take a look at the goals I had and how I have been progressing toward them, but before we get into that, April was the big decision day. … Continue reading

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