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Discover Card 5% Gas Cashback Through June

With the price of gas continuing to climb, Discover Card has timed their current promotion well. If you have a regular Discover Card, you can take advantage of it at no cost. Discover is running a 5% cashback program on … Continue reading

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Investing Page – New Satellite Site

We have our newest satellite site up which is focused on the basics of investing at Investing Page. In addition to being a new sat site, it’s also our first sat site where we are starting out from day one … Continue reading

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Balance Checkbook – Daily Financial Tip

While balancing your check book is not a difficult thing to do, the statistics say that you probably don’t do it. According to Moebs Services, an economic research firm, 87% of consumers don’t balance their checking accounts. If you don’t … Continue reading

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Use More – Daily Financial Tip

I mentioned a few tips back to use less (Use Half The Amount) to save money, so the question you’re probably asking yourself is how in the world do you save money by using more? The answer is by using … Continue reading

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Tax Refund As Savings – A Good Idea?

I read an interesting article about new legislation being proposed in California where your tax refund could be split and sent to two different accounts instead of just one. The reasoning is that by doing this, people will be more … Continue reading

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Ditch The Bottled Water – Daily Financial Tip

Advertisers have done a wonderful job through media markets to convince that their product is superior to the water that comes out of your faucets. It wasn’t that long ago that bottled water was almost non existent and everyone drank … Continue reading

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Tax Cartoons

Get your fill of tax cartoons: Tax Cartoons 2006

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Paid Blogging Position – PFBloggers

If you are a current personal finance blogger, I have some news that may be quite interesting to you. I am leaving my paid personal finance blogging position at the end of this month and they are looking for someone … Continue reading

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Borrow Me – Daily Financial Tip

Borrowing instead of buying is always a good choice, but for many it has been a problem finding people who would willingly let you borrow from them. What if there was an organization in your area where all the people … Continue reading

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Weekly Reading

For those who have extra time and are looking for more reading, there are plenty of articles to take a look at in carnivals and festivals. Here are the most recent ones: Education: The Education Wonks Frugality: Punny Money (note: … Continue reading

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Turn In Tax Cheats And Make Money

While most people don’t like to pay taxes, what’s even worse is when you know someone who should be paying taxes, but they are cheating on them to not pay their fair share. According to the IRS, taxpayers underpay their … Continue reading

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Energy Star Label May Not Be What It Seems

It has almost become a mantra for those trying to save money on energy when purchasing new appliances: Make sure that when you purchase an appliance, it has an Energy Star rating to save money. It seems that the Energy … Continue reading

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Financial Literacy Test – Grab A Pencil & Paper

You’ve probably heard that high school seniors aren’t doing too well in their knowledge of personal finance with high school seniors scoring just over 50% of the answers correctly (52.4%) on the latest Jump$tart Financial Literacy test. To be fair, … Continue reading

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Spring Cleaning – Daily Financial Tip

If you haven’t done your Spring cleaning yet, it makes financial sense to set a day or two to do so. Not only will it help get your house in order, it will also save / make you some money. … Continue reading

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Local Farmer’s Market – Daily Financial Tip

Sometimes the best deals you can get on fresh produce is not on sale in your local supermarket. Finding other outlets where food is sold can save you money and introduce you to different varieties of fruits and vegetables that … Continue reading

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Lots of Link Love

We are always on the lookout for sites and blogs that provide good quality content that may be interesting to our readers. If you have a site or blog that you think is similar to one of our many sites, … Continue reading

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Teaching Money To Kids

I feel strongly that it’s the parents’ responsibility to teach their kids about money and finances because the fact is, they aren’t going to learn it anyplace else. If you have young kids that need practice counting money, there are … Continue reading

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Coin Jar – What’s Yours Like?

Okay, I admit it. I have a curiosity of people’s coin jars. I love it when I visit a house for the first time and they have their coin jar in full view. I find it interesting the way that … Continue reading

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Cheap Loans In Japan

A few months back I wrote why I don’t keep my money in Japanese banks – which is because they pay horribly low rates. The other side of the coin is that you can borrow money in Japan at rates … Continue reading

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Batteries – Daily Financial Tip

Batteries can cost a small fortune if you use them a lot whether they be for emergency items or electronic devices. The first step you need to take is to determine which type of batteries you need to save the … Continue reading

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