Weekly Reading

weekly readingIt’s the start of a new week and that means lots of new reading. If you have some extra time, check out these new articles from our satellite sites:

Invisible Investment Risks: What is invisible risk? It’s a risk investors almost never think about, until it is too late – and three of them that you should be aware of.

Prescription Drug Coupons: Just like groceries, many prescription drugs companies release coupons and vouchers for discounts on their brand prescription. This is how to get them.

An Introduction To Coupon Trains: A basic introduction on how grocery coupon trains work

Missing Store Products: The steps you should take if a product is not available at your grocery store that you want them to carry

Vinegar & Your Garden: 7 uses for vinegar in your garden.

These are this week’s Carnivals & Festivals which are always worth checking out:

  • Frugality: Wandering Indian Monk
  • Debt Reduction: Free Money Finance
  • Personal Finance: Consumerism Commentary
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    1. kraagenskul says:

      Hey! The prescription Drug Coupon was a great article… I looked up Zyrtec, sure enough, they have a rebate and rewards program! Awesome! Oh wait, you live in the People’s Republic of Massachusetts. Sorry, no rewards for you.


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