MacInteltoshes- Apple Mac computers with Intel chipsOkay, I admit it. When it comes to Internet domain names, I make impulse purchases. Every time I do, I can see Nate rolling his eyes as I try to explain why I thought the name was going to be a good purchase. MacInteltoshes is one of those impulse purchases.

I was reading an article about the new Apple Macintoshes that have Intel chips inside that allow users to also run Microsoft Windows on the machine. The article referred to the computer as a “MacInteltosh” so – as I sometimes do – I ran a search to see if anyone had taken that domain name. It had been taken, but the plural, MacInteltoshes, was still available.

I have no idea if the name will catch on or not, bu


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2 Responses to MacInteltoshes

  1. ~Dawn says:

    It really is basic. Wow. I would be curious about an update in 3-6 months


  2. Mike says:

    Domain names are bought for peanuts, but could potentially be worth a goldmine.

    You probably have better odds at succeeding than buying one of those scratchy lottery tickets.

    I just bought this morning.

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