MacInteltoshes- Apple Mac computers with Intel chipsOkay, I admit it. When it comes to Internet domain names, I make impulse purchases. Every time I do, I can see Nate rolling his eyes as I try to explain why I thought the name was going to be a good purchase. MacInteltoshes is one of those impulse purchases.

I was reading an article about the new Apple Macintoshes that have Intel chips inside that allow users to also run Microsoft Windows on the machine. The article referred to the computer as a “MacInteltosh” so – as I sometimes do – I ran a search to see if anyone had taken that domain name. It had been taken, but the plural, MacInteltoshes, was still available.

I have no idea if the name will catch on or not, but I figured if it did, people might begin to search for computers by that name. The MacInteltosh site is simply parked so that would give the plural a good chance of moving to the top of the search engines. With this in mind, I made the impulse purchase.

The problem is that it doesn’t fit our current strategy at all. I have no content on this subject and it has nothing to do with saving money (well, except those that like Macs but also needed a computer that could run Windows now will only need to purchase a single computer instead of two). Therefore it can’t really be integrated into our current satellite site system.

What I think it really would be good for is a blogger or someone who wanted to build a niche site who was interested in these machines. That is obviously not me or Nate. So what to do with it?

We slapped up an extremely basic site in a few minutes and we’re going to see how it does since we knew that it wouldn’t fit in with our other satellite sites. Since I don’t have any content for this and didn’t want to spend a lot of time trying to create it, all we did is define the words that make up the domain and put up some ads. We figured that anyone who searches for it probably wouldn’t be interested in anything I wrote about it anyway so hopefully they’ll move on if one of the ads catches their interest.

If the name catches on and people begin to use it as a default name for the computers we figure it might bring us in a bit of extra money and make the domain worth purchasing for someone who wanted to build a site on this niche market. It also might be worth hiring someone to build the niche site for us. That is our hope. It could also very well be a complete bomb and not earn a single cent. In that case I will get to hear a lecture from Nate saying “I told you so…”

What it ultimately will be is another experiment for us – whether a one page site can be set up to earn money on par with our other satellite sites. If it can, then we may look into trying to find more like this.

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2 Responses to MacInteltoshes

  1. ~Dawn says:

    It really is basic. Wow. I would be curious about an update in 3-6 months


  2. Mike says:

    Domain names are bought for peanuts, but could potentially be worth a goldmine.

    You probably have better odds at succeeding than buying one of those scratchy lottery tickets.

    I just bought this morning.

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