Maxed Out – Debt Collector & Debt Buyer

A couple of more clips from the movie Maxed Out that are worth a peak. The Debt Collector:

the debt collector - Maxed Out  movie clip
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The Debt Buyer:

the debt buyer - Maxed Out  movie clip
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You can see the rest of the clips at

This is a documentary that recently came out about credit card debt:

America is not only far from the world’s wealthiest nation; it is crumbling beneath a staggering burden of individual and government debt. Maxed Out takes us on a journey deep inside the American debt-style, where everything seems okay as long as the minimum monthly payment arrives on time. Sure, most of us may have that sinking feeling that something isn’t quite right, but we’re told not to worry. After all, there


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2 Responses to Maxed Out – Debt Collector & Debt Buyer

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  2. Dunstan says:

    Good thing I have a low limit on my credit card and pay it off every month!

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