$1 Trial Offers – What You Need To Know

Gift cards and $1 trial offersOne of the latest gimmicks to try and get people to try new services are $1 trial offers. In addition to the low first month, many are offering gift cards of various amounts ($20 is common) as an incentive to sign up. Since I’m in Japan, I can’t participate in them, but there are a growing number of members on my main site that are using them to get the free gift cards. Flash has put together a wonderful post (long, but detailed) on these $1 trial offers offers, what precautions you need to be aware of and how to use them fully to your advantage. She details the following areas:

  • Be alert for scams
  • Use an incentive site link to increase your rewards
  • Evaluate the Trial Membersh
  • ...

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    1. markio26 says:

      i have been doing the offers thru mypoints… i belong to the mypoints insider club… some of these offers require that i pay shipping and handling, so, i get reimbursed thru the insiders club… if a person had to pay for the shipping costs, some of these deals would not be worth a free gc.. but, except for being organized and willing to accept substitute gc’s,
      and taking the time to cancel.. it has been very profitable. annoying at times.

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