MSN Search And Win Promotion

MSN Search has come out with a “search and win” promotion to try and get more people to use their search engine. The game is pretty simple. You search like you would normally do so and if you search the correct word combination, a “Use MSN Search…And Win!” link may appear among the regular links. If so, you click on that link and see if you have won an instant prize. Some of the prizes include:

  • A year subscription to NetFlix
  • A Baby GAP gift Card
  • A Starbucks gift card
  • AMC theater gift card
  • A Callaway golf club
  • A REI gift card
  • An Amazon gift certificate
  • A Crate & Barrel gift card
  • A Nordstrom’s gift card
  • A Toshiba flat screen TV
  • A Carnival cru
  • ...

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