Turn In Tax Cheats And Make Money

Make money turing in tax cheatsWhile most people don’t like to pay taxes, what’s even worse is when you know someone who should be paying taxes, but they are cheating on them to not pay their fair share. According to the IRS, taxpayers underpay their taxes by some $300 billion. If you have enough information on how they are cheating and can document the cheating, it could be worth a lot of money depending on the amount of money the person you know is under-reporting. The IRS may be willing to pay you up to $10 million for the information you provide. The bigger the cheating you report, the more you’re likely to receive.

The most important thing to claim your reward is quality documentation. Without soli


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54 Responses to Turn In Tax Cheats And Make Money

  1. John says:

    If someone has been getting payed under the table most of his life and has not been paying taxes, how do I get proof of that? Because there really is not any documentation.

  2. Jay says:

    Stealing is wrong. My mom and dad pay alot of taxes.and worked thirty years in the army.fought for you and me.this counrty founded under god.no where in the bible say that stealing is ok!

  3. gerald a hendrickson says:

    my ex wife claimed my daughter and my daughter lives with me and my divorce papers say i have to claim my children. now the irs is holding my refund how can i prove this and speed up my return

  4. karinwrape says:

    just found a guy i been looking for 20 years, he packed house up while i was at work and i never seen him til 5-14-13, i got a call from a collection agancy looking for him. he was using 2 i.d.’s working under one name and collecting unemployment on the other, and when unemployment benefits ran out on one name he would switch em up and work long enough to collect unemployment on the other name, he was filing 2 separate tax returns and collecting big on both every year he is in army again too, i am sure he is still using extra identity to rip government off and this would be a total embarrassment to the army! can’t hardly wait to get my reward, took 20 years, but i found the punk, karin wrape fraser, co.

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