Energy Star Label May Not Be What It Seems

Energy Star label - be a bit skepticalIt has almost become a mantra for those trying to save money on energy when purchasing new appliances: Make sure that when you purchase an appliance, it has an Energy Star rating to save money. It seems that the Energy Star rating may not mean as much as many of us have been lead to believe. From a story in the Wall Street Journal’s Real Estate Journal:

While the (Energy Star) designation was originally supposed to apply to the 25% of products in any category that were most energy-efficient, the label is on 85% of all new dishwashers and 98% of desktop computers…

There is also problems with testing of some appliances in the program:

On the other extreme are tests like the ones fo


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  1. Gloria says:

    This is good to know….kind of like the GM Cereals.

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