Spring Cleaning – Daily Financial Tip

Spring cleaning - save and make moneyIf you haven’t done your Spring cleaning yet, it makes financial sense to set a day or two to do so. Not only will it help get your house in order, it will also save / make you some money.

Clutter can be a huge expense during the year. Not knowing where things are when you need them often means that you have to buy multiples of things you already have. Misplacing a bill or rental video can come back to haunt you with a late fee. Getting your place in order will help to prevent these unneeded expenses from occurring.

It’ll also give you the opportunity to get rid of things you no longer need. You can make some additional money by selling these on eBay, get a tax deduction by giving them to charity or if you don’t think they are worth anything, try giving them away on freecycle.

In addition, cleaning and doing any appliance maintenance will help to ensure that the appliances don’t wear out before their time due to lack of care. Changing filters will make your heater and air conditioner work more efficiently. Clearing dust away from appliance motors will help keep them from wearing out prematurely. Properly cleaning and storing winter items will mean they can be used for another year rather than having to be replaced.

The main reason that a good Spring cleaning doesn’t get done is that the time is never put aside for it. Set the day(s) aside and let the family know that they will be part of the event. Not only will you have a cleaner house, you’ll have saved yourself money by doing so.

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