Teaching Money To Kids

Change Maker and other money gamesI feel strongly that it’s the parents’ responsibility to teach their kids about money and finances because the fact is, they aren’t going to learn it anyplace else. If you have young kids that need practice counting money, there are a number of excellent free online resources available that are both educational and fun to use. Here are some you might want to check out to help your children (and yourself) with counting money (for parents that need help saving money, check out Save Money Games):

Piggybank: A fun interactive game when coins fall from the top of the screen and you must click on them to add them together for a specified amount which is your goal. If you make a m


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  2. Ami Desai says:

    Hi, I just wanted to thank Jeff for bringing up this important topic to parents. I also believe that one of most important lessons we can learn in life is how to handle money and it can only come most effectively from parents. I co-founded a company, Early Earners, dedicated to ultimately reversing the negative national savings rate trend. Ask any one of us if we wished we started saving $1 a day at age 5 in a savings account that paid a decent interest rate and we would say yes! Early Earners focuses on families and children because we want to influence a new generation with this idea. Keep talking about it!

  3. Arthur Bookman says:

    We just sent our daugther off to her first year of college with her own credit card. We have co-signed on the card but we have made it clear that she is responsible for repayment of the balance every month. The card has a very low credit limit but is adequate enough to help her with any emergency expenses.

    Credit education needs to be stressed so much more than it is. Early personal financial responsibility can’t start soon enough

    Found an interesting post on the subject of kids and credit cards here as well:


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