Budget Busters – The 4 E’s of Overspending

budget busters - money down the drainAn article titled Men Don’t Buy Tampons which relates how her husband ended up spending about a hundred dollars for a $3 box of tampons (a very funny read that I can relate to having endured the stares when asked to do so in Japan) lead Baselle over at Baselle’s Financial Diary to come up with the 4 E’s of overspending:

  • Emergency: so important that most of us have a fund named for it. Some emergencies are real (life and limb) and can’t be helped, but there are many emergencies that are fake. Save your money for the real ones.
  • Embarrassment: It keeps grown men from buying just a box of tampons, grown women from negotiating properly for a car or even for a raise, and i
  • ...

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    1. rochelle says:

      I love this. I wrote it down and keep it in my wallet to glance at before I take anything to the cash register. It helps me make wiser choices now.

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