A New Look

New look for the satellite sitesWe finally have a new look for the satellite sites. It will be interesting to see the effect that the new design has as we have added more advertising than we had before. Hopefully this in addition to adding the managers, we’ll see an increase in both traffic and profits from the sites. You can see the new look at:

Credit Card Advantages

Some of the other changes we made:

  • Added a link to our main forums
  • Added a link to sign up for our newsletters
  • Added a drop down list that has all the current satellite sites that are up (note: a couple are still being worked on)
  • Fixed the related resources so that we can trade links and Nate put in an automatic checking system (unlike bloggers, websi
  • ...

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    5 Responses to A New Look

    1. Hazzard says:

      I like the new look. Very professional. You guys seem to be really motivated!!

    2. Russell says:

      Looking very nice! Definately will probably see an increase in traffic!

    3. Nick says:

      And the HTML code is so neat and tidy! Excellent job!

    4. ~Dawn says:

      Very nice. Not so nekkid as it was.

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