2006 Goals Review – March

My 2006 goalsA quarter of 2006 is now gone and it’s time again to take a look at the goals I had and how I have been progressing toward them, but before we get into that, April was the big decision day. At the end of last year Nate and I made the decision to have me work on the websites full time taking in all the money we earned instead of splitting it. We decided to review that arrangement at the beginning of April and decide whether to continue it or make some changes if we hadn’t progressed enough. After talking for awhile we decided that we are on the correct path and I will continue to work on the sites full time for the west of this year when we will once again review the situation. I


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4 Responses to 2006 Goals Review – March

  1. makingourway says:

    Wow! What exciting accomplishments you’ve made. I’m amazed at how you’ve grown things.
    It’s also very impressive that you can live off of the site revenues.
    Good luck – this is inspiring!!
    Making Our Way

    PS Can you explain what you mean by Sat sites?

  2. pfadvice says:

    sat sites = satellite sites. It’s just a name we came up for them. Basically what we do is take an area of the main SavingAdvice site (for example, Groceries and turn it into a small, targetted site of its own – thus a “satellite” of the main website.

  3. twins15 says:

    Well keep up the great work! I love reading the site.

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