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Weekly Reading

It’s the start of a new week and that means lots of new reading. If you have some extra time, check out these new articles from our satellite sites: Invisible Investment Risks: What is invisible risk? It’s a risk investors … Continue reading

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To Do List – April 29

For one of the recent daily financial tips I wrote about making a to-do list as a way to save money. I received an email that asked, “What is the best way to make a to-do list?” Now, I receive … Continue reading

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Okay, I admit it. When it comes to Internet domain names, I make impulse purchases. Every time I do, I can see Nate rolling his eyes as I try to explain why I thought the name was going to be … Continue reading

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Shop Once A Week – Daily Financial Challenge

Yesterday we talked about making to do lists and how they can save you money (I hope that you wrote down a single goal yesterday and have another one today). In the same light, organization is a key component to … Continue reading

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To Do List – Daily Financial Challenge

A man named Ivy Lee once had a conversation about procrastination with Charles Schwab. He explained that if managers and executives would simply make a list of the six most important things to do each day and focus on completing … Continue reading

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Maxed Out – Debt Collector & Debt Buyer

A couple of more clips from the movie Maxed Out that are worth a peak. The Debt Collector: Watch The Clip The Debt Buyer: Watch The Clip You can see the rest of the clips at This is a … Continue reading

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Maxed Out – Spiritual Mathematics

A clip from the movie Maxed Out that explains about budgeting and “spiritual mathematics”: Watch The Clip

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Pack Your Freezer – Daily Financial Tip

Unlike your refrigerator, your freezer runs more efficiently when it’s tightly packed. That means if your freezer isn’t completely full, you should place something inside the freezer to fill up the empty space and that is exactly what we’re going … Continue reading

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Money & Spouses – What Would You Do?

I’ve been reading a blog where the husband is struggling to keep his wife from spending money they don’t have to spend. It finally got to the point where he is hiding money from his wife. We have tried the … Continue reading

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$1 Trial Offers – What You Need To Know

One of the latest gimmicks to try and get people to try new services are $1 trial offers. In addition to the low first month, many are offering gift cards of various amounts ($20 is common) as an incentive to … Continue reading

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Phantom Electricity Loads – Daily Financial Tip

As you sleep, when you’re on vacation, when you’re at home and when you’re not, appliances around your house are secretly using small amounts of energy even though they have been turned off. This power usage is referred to as … Continue reading

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Weekly Reading

It’s time again for the weekly round-up of reading from different carnivals and festivals for those looking for some more good reading: Personal Finance: Million Dollar Goal Frugality: Money Blog Network

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I Put Down Pennies…

From Post Secret

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Pennies In New York

If you live in New York, check your pennies. According to this ABC report, there are some valuable ones in circulation: Outside the Nasdaq offices in New York City, Travers dispersed the first of three coins — all pennies — … Continue reading

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Organic Food Coupons

One of the issues many people come up against when they want to purchase and eat organic or natural food is that it tends to be more expensive than other food not grown and produced this way. It’s also much … Continue reading

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MSN Search And Win Promotion

MSN Search has come out with a “search and win” promotion to try and get more people to use their search engine. The game is pretty simple. You search like you would normally do so and if you search the … Continue reading

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Pay Lowest Debt First

The following piece is courtesy of Wixx and our satellite site Debt Reduction 101. Although some argue that your should alwasy always pay off the highest interest debt first, here’s another side of the coin and an argument that it … Continue reading

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Investing Mania – Lessons of the Tulip Bulb

Roger Sorenson who is the editor at Investing Page put together this little piece on how crazy things can get when speculation takes over a market. After reading it you might think that a similar case could never happen again, … Continue reading

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Hershey’s Wrappercash Contest – Free Candy, Cheap Chrysler Crossfire

Being in Japan, I hear about these contests late – had I been living in the US, I would have gotten myself a brand new Chrysler Crossfire for less $10,000 – that is one of the prizes being given away … Continue reading

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Slow Down – Daily Financial Tip

It’s shaping up to be an expensive summer at the gas pump and that means it’s worthwhile to go over the numerous little ways you can adjust your driving habits to save money on gas. One of the easiest is … Continue reading

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