Taking On Managers

managers helping outAs I have mentioned before, one of the big problems with setting up so many of the satellite sites is that I don’t have time to promote them and basic promotion goes a long way to bringing in traffic and ultimately income. So we needed to come up with a new way to promote the sites and Nate and I sat down and came up with the following plan. We are going to get managers for the satellite sites.

The basic idea is as follows. The manager of the site is responsible for putting up new content a minimum of once a week as well as some minor promotion. That is the minimum – they can do much more if they want depending how motivated they are. In return, they’ll receive half the mon


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7 Responses to Taking On Managers

  1. makingourway says:

    Good luck! Your expanding! Sounds exciting. I’d love to hear how it turns out.
    Can you tell us more about the weekly newsletters?

    Have a great Saturday!

    Making Our Way

  2. pfadvice says:

    I run the website SavingAdvice.com which has been up a couple of years now and has a newsletter as well as a fairly active forum about saving money and personal finance. I send out weekly newsletters for this site.

  3. Hey, that sounds great. I would be interested in learning more about being a manager. Check out my blog and let me know if you’re in need of more managers! Let me warn you, I have poor html skills!

  4. pfadvice says:

    Thanks for the offer – at this point we’re going to to a trial period to see if it works out. If it works well and we decide to take on more managers in the future, I’ll be sure to let you know.

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  6. Tim MMF says:

    You guys have some nice income rollin in. That’s a lot of satellite sites, getting mangers for them seems like a logical step. Keep up the good work!

  7. James says:

    Interesting business model. I’ll be keeping an eye on your site!

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