How We Travel For Free

I mentioned earlier that when we travel in Japan, we have a number of activities that don’t cost anything and keep us entertained. We also almost alwasy travel for free – in fact, most of our ventures end up making us a bit of money.

Hello Kitty Black Bean PlushWhile it pains me much to admit it, it’s the entire Hello Kitty Business that allows us to travel for free (or make money). One of the items that sell really well for my wife are “regional” Hello Kitties. These are Kitties that are only sold in a certain part of Japan and nowhere else. Usually they have a local theme and they are often quite difficult to get. This being the case, Hello Kitty collectors will pay quite a bit for them


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4 Responses to How We Travel For Free

  1. Heh, misleading post title there (going somewhere to make a profit doesn’t make the trip free). But interesting nonetheless!

  2. How To Be Poor says:

    It’s a mind trick. I think it’s not free because the money you earned as legitimate revenue could be invested to generate further profit, i.e. it’s an asset.

    I guess it all comes down to whether your Hello Kitty venture is a business or “wild money”. One simple categorization changes everything.

  3. Gigi says:

    You can write it off as a business expense on your taxes.

  4. Making money off Hello Kitty is so awesome! I read all the links and I agree that it’s much more fun to be in a business that you enjoy and it gives you an excuse to travel around Japan! I love Hello Kitty, but I like some of the other characters better. Tuxedo Sam and Little Twin Stars rule!

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