Five Figure Eggs

I came across this topic of conversation in the forums: Would You Sell Your Eggs To Pay Off Debt? – It seems if you have the brains and the right looks, your eggs may be worth 5 figures and a minimum of 4 figures if you qualify. The question is would you consider selling them (actually your time in donating them) to make some extra money?

While there is a potential windfall for women, men don’t seem to have it quite as good. The five figures that women can receive barely reach the three figure level for a top notch man (with single figure payments being common) and it’s much more difficult to get accepted (only about 5%).

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  2. RS says:

    It is an interesting question. I am pretty sure that if I were a woman, I would do it. However, my wife feels differently…she says that it is too personal and would be weird having little pieces of you out there.

  3. ~Dawn says:

    The amount of work going into making sure you eat right, going to the doctor for the harvesting, drugs to make sure the egg is a ‘good one’. Doesn’t always seem worth it.

  4. lpkitten says:

    how many different ways can i say NO, its definitely not worth it. i considered it a long time ago, here but having known someone who has gone through it, i wouldn’t recommend it. its an emotional, long drawn out process that puts your body through a lot of trauma and risk.

  5. brcmapgirl says:

    The compensation difference by gender is dictated by the fact that a woman who gets injected with hormones to induce the eggs to be harvested is putting ALL OF HER EGGS at risk, i.e. her own future pregnancies. Men put sperm into a cup once and it has no impact on future sperm generation.


  6. College Graduate says:

    Egg Donation Services advertise in all college campuses to take advantage of vulnerable young women in financial binds. Of course, there are some women who choose to donate eggs because they simply want to assist a couple with conceiving, however they are extremely rare.

    After returning from a semester abroad in Japan and being extremely BROKE, I considered egg donation. The going price in DC was $5000 and with debt collectors harrassing me, I contacted the clinic and requested information. As brcmapgirl said, the risk is TOO big. You inject yourself with hormones in order to trick your body into overproducing tons of eggs for a month. In addition to weekly visits, daily injections, pysch evaluations, and the risk of potential infection– the final egg harvesting is a risky procedure.

    I WOULD NOT recommend such a procedure! Having money is nice, but risking your future family as well as your health isn’t a WORTH it. I am happy that I had a friend talk me out of it.

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