The Hello Kitty Catch 22

Hello Kitty plush key chainsI mentioned earlier that anyone can turn their hobby into a money making venture. While I do truly believe this, putting it into practice can sometimes have some horrifying unintended consequences. My house is a perfect example of this.

My wife has always thought that Hello Kitty was cute and she would buy an item here and there to display. When we were considering purchasing a house, we decided that we would need some extra income to be able to afford the place we wanted. I explained to her that she could take any hobby she had and we could make it into a money making venture. Her choice was Hello Kitty.

Thinking back, I should have made her pick something else right then and there, but for some reason it never occurred to me that she would do such a good job of turning the hobby into a business. I also never imagined having to live in a house full of Hello Kitty (this, unfortunately, only confirms that you really can turn anything into a money making venture with enough creativity)

Now, I figured that when she began, she might sell a few items a week to bring in a little extra cash. I mean, who would ever imagine that some people would pay nearly $100 (and sometimes more) for a Hello Kitty plush (that’s a stuffed doll for those not into Hello Kitty collecting) – they do and my wife has turned Hello Kitty into a profitable business. The problem is that when she discovered she could make money at her hobby, her hobby greatly expanded to include practically anything Hello Kitty. In fact, I would not be surprised if No Credit Needed got his Hello Kitty water cooler from my wife (we’ve certainly had much stranger Hello Kitty items come through this house).

Hello Kitty toilet paperSo I now find myself in a catch 22. I encouraged her to turn her hobby into a money making venture so I can’t really ask her to stop, but you have to start questioning if it has gone too far when you have 4 different types of Hello Kitty toilet paper to choose from in the bathroom (although I must admit I like the pattern in the top right corner – doesn’t it look like Hello Kitty is flipping you off as she winks at you?)

Even with the photos, you can’t imagine our house. Her eBay Store has nearly 900 items in it (yes, those $250 plush do sell, believe it or not) and she has multiples of most (to give second chance offers). That’s not to mention all the stuff she hasn’t listed yet and you can maybe get a small feeling of what it is like where I live. That being said, she brings in more money than I make at this journal and the main site so there isn’t a lot I can say.

Hello Kitty: The Wall

The moral of this story has two parts: 1. Even things you might not think you can turn into a profitable business can be, and 2. If you are helping someone to choose what hobby they should attempt to turn into a money making venture, make sure that if they mention Hello Kitty, you lie and tell them that is the only hobby where it can’t be done 😉

Oh, it doesn’t end here…More Hello Kitty Catch 22

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19 Responses to The Hello Kitty Catch 22

  1. Max says:

    You made me laugh quite hard, my man! That’s quite hillarious! 🙂

  2. kassy says:

    At least she has the discipline to sell them, if I tried this I wouldn’t be able to get rid of anything cuz they’re sooo cute!!!

  3. Steve says:

    Ok, I draw the line at Hello Kitty toilet paper!!!! But seriously, hats off to your wife for turning this into some extra income. It if was paying the mortgage for me, I would even consider Hello Kitty underwear! LOL!

  4. MoneyDummy says:

    *Grin* I’m sure I’m not the only one here who would love to hear HOW your wife did this. That truly is remarkable (and a little–dare I say it– inspiring). Very cool.

  5. savvy saver says:

    I really want to know more about how your wife did this! Incredible.

  6. Jonathan says:

    Living in Japan, where do you get the space to store all this stuff?! 🙂

    By the way, I call it the Hello Kitty Cult. How else can you explain HK toilet paper? *4* types of it?!

  7. frank says:

    I think I would literally go insane. I don’t care how much money she’s bringing in, I would lose it.

    Hilarious post though, thoroughly enjoying your misery 🙂

  8. brcmapgirl says:

    I love HK! Actually, My Melody, the bunny rabbit, is more of my favorite, but she was less popular. I bet the market for My Melody is weaker, but commands a higher price because the stuff is so rare. It’s addictive. I might want to talk to her about liquidating some of my suction cup figures. They were from a McDonalds promo a few years ago.

  9. Apollo says:

    Looks like the beginnings of a new venture capital with unlimited growth potential. A financial windfall for the taking. Great sense of humor about the whole thing. You probably have hello kitty dreams. Good luck.

  10. Mike says:

    I always wanted to know what your wife’s online business was – thanks for telling everyone about it. I try to get my GF into doing something online, but it is really hard to get people motivated unless they make money from day 1.

  11. Cap says:

    oh man, I’ve found my new nemesis.

    your wife.

    argh. $250 plushes. lol.

  12. ~Dawn says:

    So this picture would not be OT to the post? HEhehe

  13. Cap says:

    dawn, there’s no way thats a real kitty.

    btw Jeffrey, what method do you guys use to mail these orders? Japan Post? Do a blog post about it 😛

  14. ncnblog says:

    Hey, hey! Thanks for the mention…
    As for your post… My little girl LOVE HK. Her bedroom looks like a pepto-bismol bottle exploded. Pink EVERYWHERE. She is a total girlie-girl.
    As for your wife making money off of the stuff…Awesome!
    Great post!

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  16. Marissa says:

    LOL! I’m a Little Twin Stars fan myself…Hello Kitty is very popular here in El Salvador, and we even have a couple of Sanrio stores (EXPENSIVE, all in capital letters expensive!)…and a national clothes manufacturer (St Jack’s) is making children’s clothes (licensed) with Hello Kitty, My Melody and the Twin Stars….they even have women’s pajamas (but only with Hello Kitty, not with the Twin Stars :(( ) I can understand how you must feel HK overload, though!

  17. Those Hello Kitties are so cute I want one to keep me company while I’m driving around delivering vans. Don’t know if you can buy them in the UK but I’m going to have a look.

  18. Globugg says:

    My husband would never believe me if I tried to convince him of the money-making potential in my own collection. We live in Texas and Sanrio stuff is much more expensive here than in Japan, maybe that helps with your profits. I’m printing my husband a copy of this anyway.

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