Car Advertising For Free Gas

door magnet - free gas for advertising

I’ve been following the auto wrap / paid to drive industry since it took off in the late 1990’s and came crashing down just as fast after the Internet bubble. Most paid to drive information you find on the Internet these days are nothing more than scams.

I came across a company called that has implemented a paid to drive system that actually has a business plan which appears to be sustainable. That means that they don’t offer $400 a month that just wasn’t realistic for a viable advertising business, but instead offer gas cards. They have also done away with the expensive full car wraps and opted for door magnets and window advertising which is much les


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85 Responses to Car Advertising For Free Gas

  1. TAMMY OGDEN says:


  2. Myrna Wright says:

    I am extremely interested in this program. Thanks.

  3. Matthew B says:

    im very interested in this, i deliver pizza and im in the military. thanks

  4. Jim Battestilli says:

    Very interested. Few miles from Pittsburgh,Pa

  5. Chris Wassel says:

    Please inform me if you are in the Philadelphia area.

  6. pfadvice says:

    Thank you all for your interest, but leaving a message here will not get you the information your want. You need to contact the company at Free Gas Help

  7. sally says:

    very interested-drive over 2000 miles per month in the north jersey area-would like to be contacted to attend a recruiting promotional event.

  8. Randy Doggett says:

    i am very interesed in your free gas program,I drive over 1300 miles per week.

  9. Brittney Barton says:

    I live in the oklahoma city area and drive alot…
    I am very very interested

  10. Harvey C Kohls II says:

    I live in the Kansas City Metropolitan area, and I frequent western Kansas quite a bit and would be very interested in this program. Thanks

  11. Tina says:

    I would be interested in these programs. Especially the Get Paid Programs.

  12. Dee says:

    I would love to advertise on my SUV , we also have 2 other cars in my house . we can do this on ALL thrre vehcles !!

  13. Dee says:


  14. Tammy Peck says:

    Massachusetts !!!!!!! Let’s advertise!!!!!!

  15. Eric Nichols says:

    Please let me know if program comes to Tuscaloosa, Alabama area. I drive the required amount, & car is 2003. Thanks!!

  16. Dennis Lamm says:

    I am active duty military (16 years now) and drive at least 2600 miles per month. I am VERY interested in your advertising program for free gas cards. Please contact me when this is available in North Carolina.

  17. Andrew McCrea says:

    We need you in Houston TX!!

  18. Kathy Nidarrac says:

    Sounds like we all drive too much!!!!!

  19. Sharon Voltz says:

    Pennsylvania Let’s advertise

  20. Courtney Nix says:

    i drive from Dallas to Ft Worth
    Lots of exposure

  21. Al Mirzaie says:

    Travel from The Colony, to downtown Dallas, Texas 7 days a week.
    Interested in any size ad to help pay for gas.

  22. Jillian says:

    I think this is great. I would love to be chosen to display one of their ads. I am a full time student and work full time as weel so I drive almost 2,000 miles a month all over New Hampshire.

  23. Benton G. says:

    I’m a pizza delivery driver and commuter college student to the twin cities area MN. I put on LOTS of miles and would be very interested in advertising.

  24. Rhonda Hinds says:

    I’m extremely interested in this program. My daughter is disabled and can not walk long distances. But she loves to ride! We cruse everywhere. Thanks

  25. shirley malone says:

    me nad ny husband are very interested in this program.

    i drive 2600 miles a month back and forth to work

    husband drives 2000 miles per month back and forth to work.

  26. Rhonda Thomas says:

    I am extremely interested in your program, I drive over the 1000 miles a month requirement. Please advise if your program is coming to Tennessee.

  27. Frances Williams says:

    Please advised me when this program comes to Georgia.Very, Very interested.

    Thank You

  28. John Thompson says:

    I’m interested. I drive a minimum of 350 miles per week.

  29. Spencer says:

    I am VERY interested in this program. I drive ALL the time and can put away 1000 in a week when I go to SoCal and back up to NorCal.

  30. Nelda Robinson says:

    I am interested in this program and I drive over 1000 miles a month just to and from work.

  31. John Lynch says:

    Hi! I am the new owner of the Dallas franchise. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks-John

  32. Marisa says:

    I would be very interested in this program.

  33. nancy cage says:

    would be interrested in this. my husband and i own a longing company in canada and could place signs on truck and personal auto’s

  34. Rhonda Hinds says:

    Would be very interested in this program. I drive to many towns in my area.

  35. Ralph Calla says:

    I am a greyhound announcer for 2 tracks in southern florida. Monday thru Thursday at Flagler Dog Track in Miami. I drive from Lauderhill, fl to Miami (total miles down route 95 is 38 miles each way. Heavy bumper to bumber traffic coming home. Friday, Saturday and Sunday I drive North (Route95) to Palm Beach dog Track which is 43 miles each way. I do alot of driving….660 plus miles per week times 4.3 weeks a month,,= 2,850 miles per month…

  36. drew lissuzzo says:

    i am very interested and have been signed up for some months now and was approved but now i cant log on to the website and check my account and there is no phone number i thought it was a scam but i dont know what to do to get in touch with anyone about this matter. can anyone help me please email me. thanks

  37. Emily Waltjen says:

    I am very interested in this program
    and would love to start advertising
    for you. please let me know ASAP

  38. subira says:

    I am very interested in this program

  39. Amanda Cochrane says:

    Very interested!! I’m taking a two month road trip across the U.S.

  40. Randall James Buchholz says:

    I am a retired Coast Guard CPO/E7 and I live in Tampa, Florida. I drive 92 miles a day to work as a mechanical engineer on a yacht. My work area is located in a wealthy neighborhood just 2 blocks from a
    yacht marina.It would be great to advertise for a company on my vechicle in this area. Please let me know if you have a business in this area who would be interested in advertisng.

  41. D Staskel says:

    I live in Lancaster, PA and drive 58 miles one way straight south to Havre De Grace, MD daily. I believe I would be a great candidate for this program.

  42. george torres says:

    its a great thing… BUT… i live in alabama and they do not offer that here in this state. i would love to be a part of this program, actually they do offer a car wrap with a $200 gas card i month which i was highly interested in myself. hopefully, i can get into this program soon! i am highly interested!!!

  43. Free Online Gas Cards says:

    Check out a one of a kind site dedicated to giving out free gas cards! Signup is quick and easy.

  44. Michael Schmillen says:

    Hello, I am very interested in your program. I roughly drive 5000-6000 miles a month, and I think this is ideal for me. I currently work in the transporation field through a social services organization. I live is SC however. If you could let me know if there are any positions in my area I’d be thankful. Also, can you help insure me that this isn’t a scam, that’d be great too.

  45. Christopher B. Tamlyn says:

    I own a 2000 Honey-gold Ford F150 4×4 extended cab with a matching mid-high Leer camper top. The topper gives the truck a stand out appearance. I drive no less than 1200 miles a month. I would love to advertized for a likeable product, for gas.

    I live in Braxton county WV, and work in Lewis county.

  46. Chris Hughes says:

    We live in Houghton Lake, Mi. and I would love to do this on my SUV, and GEO. Sounds interesting and fun. Thanks.

  47. Jasmine Rivera says:

    I am very interested in this, my husband is active military and our car is a 2005. We drive at least 100 miles a month.

  48. Richard B says:

    I would be very interested in this program. I am in Phoenix,AZ

  49. Richard B says:

    I would be very interested in this program. I am in Phoenix,AZ. I drive a 2005 Chev Malibu LS

  50. All Things Money Blog says:

    This would be a great addition to the Dallas, TX metro area. Hope this company or a similar one expands here soon!

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