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Just One Spin - Jeff and Nate meeting in Las VegasOver a year ago when Nate and I first began to talk about whether we were going to quit (after losing the content to our site a couple of times) or to continue on, we came up with the idea of satellite sites. After making the decision that we were going to try and make all of this into a business, we decided that at some point we really should meet each other. That’s right – We’ve put together everything and Nate and I have never met in person (kind of funny, isn’t it?)

When we started talking about meeting, it was late and so we just began to throw out ideas. We finally decided that we should meet in Las Vegas (If I remember correctly, that was the time when Nate was into poker and that was how Vegas was chosen). From there the idea of Just One Spin came into being, the domain was purchased and the site was up within a week after we first talked about it.

Originally we were supposed to meet at the beginning of this year, but due to some family matters, I came back to Japan which made the January meeting date impossible. We recently decided that this summer will be a good time to meet since I will be back for a short while then.

Anyway, the site has kind of just been there this whole time. The original premise was that Nate and I would go and place a bet on the roulette table and I said that I thought if we announced it to everyone that maybe others would donate to our spin. Nate, as he does with most of my ideas, told me I was crazy and it wouldn’t happen. For the most part, Nate was absolutely correct. We received a single donation in March 2005 for $10 from Tommy Vinson and that added with the $10 we were putting in for ourselves gave us a whopping $20 to bet.

The site has pretty much stayed the same during that entire time until today – over a year since our first (and only) donation when Charles Martin (who by his own account admits that he is crazy, came out of nowhere and donated $25 to the spin pot. In the blink of an eye our pot had more than doubled!

Feeling kinda generous and just a little insane, I decided to pitch in on Just One Spin. The premise is that these two guys are taking donations and will place the sum total down on the roulette table for “just one spin”. I dunno why I pitched in, but it is kinda cool to say that I joined in on a bet in Las Vegas. At least the amount I’ve chipped in will be considerably less than if I went in person to gamble.

That is exactly the way we intended the spin to be…a bit crazy mixed in with a bit of fun. And Charles’s timing was perfect. Nate and I had just been discussing pinning down an exact date and purchasing a digital video camera so that we can record the entire episode.

It’s little things like this that totally make my day. While the gift to the spin wasn’t totally from someone out of the blue who happened upon the site (he admitted in an email that he gets the RSS feed from this site), it’s fun when something happens the way you imagine it will when you first begin even if it only happens once a year. I have this stupid grin on my face that will probably be plastered there for the rest of the day (my wife is going to think I’m doing another saving is sexy research project). So I just wanted to send a big “thank you” out to Charles for confirming there are at least a couple of others out there who could see the fun insanity of the whole project and for making today a great day.

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