CD Trading For $1 CD trading for $ is a CD trading site where you can ship CDs you no longer want to someone that does, then request CDs that you want in return. Each time you receive a CD it costs you $1.49 ($1 plus a standard shipping charge of $0.49).

Once you sign up, you can create a list of CDs you are willing to send to others. ‘la la’ will automatically send you a Starter Kit with 5 pre-stamped, shipping envelopes and protective CD cases when you agree to ship your first CD or list 5 CDs. When you get a request, you simply send off the CD.

You can also create a list of CDs you want. When the CD you want becomes available you will be charged the $1.49 fee to receive the CD.

What this system will allow you to do is clear out all the CDs you currently have that you no longer listen to and get new music you want for $1.49 each. If the selection of music available meets your tastes, this makes practical and financial sense with the time and cost you’ll save compared to trying to sell your CDs on your own or on eBay, plus tracking down the CDs you want.

Although beta launched today, sign-up is only by invitation until it goes live this summer. You can however, get in by using a special sign-up link at – hurry, who knows how long it will be live.

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7 Responses to CD Trading For $1

  1. jim says:

    Who owns CDs anymore?

  2. Russell says:

    I was just thinking about how great this service would have been… a few years ago! I have to agree with Jim, who does own CD’s anymore? I have not purchased a CD since 2000.
    – 19 Year Old Entrepreneur’s Financial Journey

  3. IRA says:

    Well, I actually still have a collection of about 100 CDs. And so do several of my friends. I signed up for after reading this post, and I got an email this morning indicating that my first CD was on its way. If you want to read about it, check out my blog at

  4. tim borwn says:

    and let’s just screw the poor artist who made the music why not in this digital age everything is just free isn’t it? but eventually there will be a terrible price to pay and that will be the attenuation of art into the kind of britney spheers like realm necessary to generate large enough sales that one can make money from….well, I’ve always bought books at used book stores. But I feel guilty about that and eventually will buy anewbook by that author to make up for the way I’ve been screwing him. Well, artists do it for funsies anyway, don’t they? And why shouldn’t everything be free? Certainly all food should be free. And tvs, for real. And computers, or at least web access. In a perfect world, everything would just come to me when I wanted it and go away when I was done and I wouldn’t have to struggle or think about it. Party on people.

  5. emanuel says:

    to save money , someone has to lose money . lol .

  6. Karen says:

    When you buy a new built home and then sell it are you screwing the builder? When you buy a new car and then sell it or trade it in are you screwing the auto industry? What about fine art, every time a Picasso or Warhol painting is auctioned off are you sticking to the artist? Is Ebay just one big screw fest?

    Buying a used book or trading a used CD is not screwing anyone. If you paid your hard earned money for it, you have every right to trade it or resell it. After all you did pay for it. On the other hand, copying a friend’s CD or movie or computer program is copyright infringement because the copy was not created by or licensed by the original artist (i.e. you are screwing the artist).

  7. Jonathan says:

    I’m all for artist’s rights, but as a NY Times article said, “Out of each dollar, the company voluntarily pays 20 cents to the performer on the recording; there is no more a legal obligation to do so than there is to pay General Motors a cut every time a used Chevy changes hands.”

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