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Cheap travel by finding website travel errors$10/night – Edwardian San Francisco Hotel Edwardian San Francisco Hotel, 1668 Market St, San Francisco, CA. $10/night. April 29

$9/night – Starhotels Tourist – Milan, Italy Starhotels Tourist, Vialle Fulvio Testi 300, Milan, Italy. $9/night. 1 Adult. April 25

$5/night – Comfort Inn Mission, Texas Comfort Inn Mission, 203 South Shary Rd, Mission, TX. $5/night. April 2, 12, 22, May 2, 12.

$16/night – Caribbean Jewel Beach Resort – St Lucia Caribbean Jewel Beach Resort, Mt Pinard, Rodney Bay, Reduit, St Lucia. $16/night. March 20.

$17/night – Comfort Hotel Wellington – New Zealand Comfort Hotel Wellington, 213 Cuba St., Wellington, New Zealand. $17/night. Apr 29 & 30.

Looking at the above hotel deals, you would probably think that they are “too good to be true.” In reality, they were mistakes listed on travel sites that could be found at

Major travel sites realize that there will be an occasional mistake made when listing all the deals they have and the better ones will try to honor the rates even when an error has been made. From the Travelocity Guarantee:

Human error happens; nobody’s perfect–but in those rare cases that we make a mistake you can count on us to take responsibility for it, and to be thoughtful and fair as we work to resolve it. If, say, we inadvertently advertise a fare that’s just “too good to be true,” like a free trip to Fiji, we’ll work with you and our travel partners to make it up to you and find a solution that puts a smile on your face.

There are some risks involved such as the deal not being honored, but experts say if you stick with well respected travel sites, they will usually honor the mistake rates. Since these are mistakes, you don’t have much of a choice of where and when the deal will be. You also have to be quick as they usually don’t last a long time on the travel websites.

Source: adapted from an article on Saving Advice

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3 Responses to Travel Website Errors – Cheap Travel

  1. RS says:

    Good find, I will have my travel agent (read, my wife) check that site out. Thanks.

  2. Jonathan says:

    I find it weird that they don’t even give you a link to the site that is offering the deal? You’d think they’d try to make some money off of the sites that offer affiliate programs, like Expedia.

  3. Seattle says:

    Too bad they don’t offer e-mail alerts when they post a new ‘deal.’

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