February Profits From Sat Sites

February failed to generate as much money as January did overall for the satellite sites with the average income falling once again — from $33.86 per site to $32.25 per site. Part of this is due to the shorter month which meant three less days of income in January. Also one of the sites was taken off adsense which caused a steep drop in the profit from that site. It was a rather disappointing month overall and confirms that unless I make time to promote newer satellite sites, they will make very little money.

Satellite February profits

Earning Rank Feb. Change
1 $151.99 -$3.85
2 $100.83 +$17.84
3 $80.66 -$24.42
4 $59.29 -$10.06
5 $44.29 +$8.76
6 $42.06 N/A
7 $29.46 -$11.07
8 $25.05 +$0.99
9 $22.44 -$19.01
10 $17.42 +$5.08
11 $16.53 +$5.27
12 $11.12 -$0.23
13 $10.92 +$0.56
14 $9.81 -$4.03
15 $9.49 -$8.48
16 $9.45 +$5.80
17 $3.26 +$0.30
18 $0.78 +$0.30
19 $0.27 -$4.24
20 $0.00 $0.00

As you can see, it wasn’t a very good month for the sat sites. The only thing that made the month decent was that this site and the main site did will in advertising (I’m currently full on both sites). It’s a difficult juggling act at the moment. If I spend the time promoting the sites we already have then it means I don’t have time to build new sat sites, but if I build new sat sites, then the ones we have don’t grow.

One idea I had was to turn over some of the websites to others to run and give them a percentage of the increased profits that the site generates. I still haven’t thought exactly how to set that all up, but something I may try on a website or two if I can find the right person. Most of the sites have potential, but I’m not sure if something like that would work or not.

We did get one new sat site up (will be posting that here soon) and am almost done with 2 others. I need to work a bit harder in this area during March. I will also be using the money that I earn with my new gig at Seeking Alpha toward promotion and building of the sat sites. Hopefully that will work out well.

I’m hopeful that March will be a better overall month in all areas. Nate and I will be sitting down and deciding whether we will continue as we have or whether we’ll take me off the sites full time and try something different. Should be an interesting month and I’ll be trying my best to get those numbers to increase a bit.

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3 Responses to February Profits From Sat Sites

  1. Mike says:

    My stats are down from January, which was a record month for me. February is a bit of a strange month. I am hoping March will be better.

  2. davis says:

    Do you have any idea why those top few sites produce so much more than the others? Have they been up longer?

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