February Profits From Sat Sites

February failed to generate as much money as January did overall for the satellite sites with the average income falling once again — from $33.86 per site to $32.25 per site. Part of this is due to the shorter month which meant three less days of income in January. Also one of the sites was taken off adsense which caused a steep drop in the profit from that site. It was a rather disappointing month overall and confirms that unless I make time to promote newer satellite sites, they will make very little money.

Satellite February profits

Earning Rank Feb. Change
1 $151.99 -$3.85
2 $100.83 +$17.84
3 $80.66 -$24.42
4 $59.29 -$10.06
5 $44.29 +$8.76
6 $42.06 N/A
7 $29.46 -


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3 Responses to February Profits From Sat Sites

  1. Mike says:

    My stats are down from January, which was a record month for me. February is a bit of a strange month. I am hoping March will be better.

  2. davis says:

    Do you have any idea why those top few sites produce so much more than the others? Have they been up longer?

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