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Taking On Managers

As I have mentioned before, one of the big problems with setting up so many of the satellite sites is that I don’t have time to promote them and basic promotion goes a long way to bringing in traffic and … Continue reading

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Set A Cool Down Period – Daily Tip

When I was growing up and used to get into a fight with my younger sister, my mom would always separate us into two different rooms for an hour for a “cooling down” period. This same concept can be effectively … Continue reading

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Newest Satellite Site –

I have the latest satellite site in our growing collection up at Inexpensive Lawyer. The site will focus on ways to save money or reduce the costs associated with an attorney. It’s pretty basic information on how to keep costs … Continue reading

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Visiting The Dentist – Daily Tip

Over half of Americans go to the dentist once every six months according to the American Dental Association and many view the “go to the dentist twice a year” mantra as written in stone. This mantra, however, originates from a … Continue reading

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The High Cost of Bad Credit

I put together an article called The Cost Of Bad Credit – More Than Credit Cards Rates because it seems when people talk about bad credit scores, it’s mostly about credit card rates. While these certainly cost people with poor … Continue reading

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Charitable Contribution Worth – Daily Tip

With the tax deadline right around the corner, you have already finished your taxes or will be finishing them soon. now is a great time to look at what deductions you were able to take and see if you can … Continue reading

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Cheaper Gas Without Going Out Of The Way – Daily Tip

One place that can really drain your savings (as well as your enthusiasm) is when you take actions that you think will save you money, but they really cost you more than you save. One perfect example of this is … Continue reading

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How We Travel For Free

I mentioned earlier that when we travel in Japan, we have a number of activities that don’t cost anything and keep us entertained. We also almost alwasy travel for free – in fact, most of our ventures end up making … Continue reading

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Save With Direct Deposit – Daily Tip

According to a study conducted for NACHA (the electronic payments association) by Tinucci & Associates, the total direct and indirect costs of depositing a check yourself instead of using direct deposit is a whopping $5.88. That means that if you … Continue reading

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New Week Reading

For your beginning of the week reading enjoyment, the following carnivals are up: Entrepreneurship #8 Frugality #16 Personal Finance #41 Investing #15 Debt Reduction #28

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Giving Money

I was reading Thrifty Ray’s Red to Black Journey about what a gift of money had meant. I wrote earlier about a similar incident with one of my friends. One of the truly wonderful aspects about getting your finances in … Continue reading

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Stamp Collecting – The Other Kind

We took a trip to the sea today. Over the years, we have developed a lot of games to liven up the trips which don’t cost any money. I talked about how we always look for phone cards when we … Continue reading

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Personal Finance Debt Videos

Since I seem to be in video mode…I came across these two public service announcement videos (both load a bit slow). I think they do a good job of relating what debt is like. Although it might not always be … Continue reading

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Straight Talk Stock Market Investing Advice

For those of you who have been looking for the straight talking truth about investing in stocks, here you go. “Straight Talk About Today’s Markets” by Century Global. Enjoy.

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More Hello Kitty Catch 22

Hello Kitty piled to the ceiling I really didn’t want to get into more detail about the entire Hello Kitty business because, let’s face it, it forces me to reveal that I know more about Hello Kitty than is healthy … Continue reading

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Google Finance Launches

You’ll be able to get a lot more information on the Google Finance from other sources – it seems geared toward companies and investing rather than personal finances, but there is one nice feature that I wanted to point out … Continue reading

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Five Figure Eggs

I came across this topic of conversation in the forums: Would You Sell Your Eggs To Pay Off Debt? – It seems if you have the brains and the right looks, your eggs may be worth 5 figures and a … Continue reading

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What’s Your Personal Information Worth?

When you give information to a company, that information is worth money. Whether it is an application for a credit card or a cell phone application, the information can (and often is) resold to others for a profit. You may … Continue reading

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The Hello Kitty Catch 22

I mentioned earlier that anyone can turn their hobby into a money making venture. While I do truly believe this, putting it into practice can sometimes have some horrifying unintended consequences. My house is a perfect example of this. My … Continue reading

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Razors and Money

I admit it – I get hooked into the free razor give-aways. The fact is that the reason that razor companies can afford to give away razors is that the place they make their money is selling you the blades … Continue reading

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