I Need To Get A Life – Or Opportunity?

Opportunity or time to get a life?This is how I spend a Saturday – claiming about 50 gmail accounts that I’ll probably never use, but couldn’t resist getting (now you can see why I need to get a life). This is how my mind works –

If you happened to miss the news, Google launched a Web Page Creator which was shut down to overload within a few hours of it launch. First off, I was disappointed that I heard about it late and didn’t get to create an account before they shut down. The next thing that immediately caught my eye was:

Google’s new service promises easy-to-create Web pages, stored on Google’s servers. Each page has a Web address that begins with the user’s Google account name followed by “.googlepages.com.”

What I saw was an opportunity to grow my websites for free with good key words (well, actually okay key words since most of the good key words are already gone). Since the page will be created with your username as the part of the URL (http://www.savingadvice.googlepages.com) good key words could be used to set up a quality information page that will surely be indexed (since it’s part of the entire Google system) and hopefully drive traffic to your site(s) – at least that is what immediately popped into my mind.

So I spent a Saturday afternoon picking up about 50 of these names. We’ll see in a few months whether it was a smart marketing move or if I really do need to get a life 😉

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5 Responses to I Need To Get A Life – Or Opportunity?

  1. Jose says:

    Could have been a good idea if you didn’t had anything better to do on saturday.

  2. Mike says:

    If it was raining like it was here in Tokyo, you were probably making good use of time.

    I think there might be a time when Google just offers free hosting with your own domain.

  3. Jonathan says:

    Ha, definitely thinking like a net entrepreneur.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Injecting a dash of reality here – the same could hold true even for blogspot; after all, that’s also a google site. There is a savingadvice.blogspot.com ; seems to be a filler page. But go googling for “savingadvice” or even “saving advice” (without the quotes) – you won’t find that within the top 20. The interesting part is that the top spot is http://www.savingadvice.com (your own site!)

    I doubt if google is going to be fooled with a dummy page; you’re better off using the same techniques that you used to make savingadvice.com get a higher google rank.

    Anyway – best wishes with the 50 odd gmail accounts; look forward to receiving a world of spam, since the webpage will automatically give away the email id. Unless you plan NEVER to use the email part of the gmail?

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