Financial Challenge – Day 19

Find a grocery store that matches competitor's advertised prices

As we continue our Financial Challenges to save money, we still have a number of areas where we can accomplish painless saving – getting the things that we’d normaly purchase, but at a better price. Today we are going to focus on grocery shopping.

While many people know that gathering coupons and shopping at different stores for the best prices can save a lot of money, there is actually a simple way that you can do all your shopping at a single store and get the best prices from all around your area. The key is finding a grocery store that will honor competitor’s advertised prices.

While many stores will do this to keep customers from going to the competition, most will no


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4 Responses to Financial Challenge – Day 19

  1. Jan says:

    I am already working on this challenge. i know the only store in my area that will match almost all ad sales. I have made my list and plan to shop this weekend. since we all have to eat I see this a a challenge every single person on this list should be able to do….JAN in NC

  2. Pat says:

    I already do this and have for many years. Walmart is the only store in my area that will match prices so I do most of my shopping there but there are some things I can’t get there.

  3. flash says:

    I’ve recently started doing this by emailing the store chain’s main site, not only for competitive pricing, but whether or not they accept internet coupons, policies, etc. I’ve been very surprised, and by going straight to the source, so to speak, I get an email answer I can print out and take with me.

  4. anna says:

    I never got sale ads until we moved in December, and got a special offer on the Sunday Paper. I thought I was doing SO GOOD shopping where the deals were… until I realized that I bought things ON TOP OF the things that were on sale… well, because I needed them. The problem was that those things cost MORE than they did back when I wasn’t watching ads and simply shopping at Save-A-Lot. And I wasn’t making headway, because I made up the difference in spending more to save myself a trip to Save-A-Lot and just getting the ‘milk’ or whatever not-on-sale.

    The key to savings is to find a Save-A-Lot (or Aldis or whatever it is in your town) and do your shopping there. SUPPLEMENT the sale items. I shop once-a-month at Save-A-Lot (on one payday) and supplement with the sale items on the week inbetween.

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