Bankruptcy Risk Score – The Credit Score You Don’t Know About

It seems that most people are now aware that their credit score can have a large impact on the financial aspects of their lives. Many, however, have no idea that institutions checking their credit often use another score that is sometimes referred as the “hidden credit score” – your Bankruptcy Risk Score.

While your credit score is a score assessed to you based to a large extent on your history of obtaining credit and paying off debt, the Bankruptcy Risk Score measures how likely you are to file bankruptcy. The Bankruptcy Risk Score is exclusively for lenders provided by the credit reporting agencies and not available to individual consumers.

This bankruptcy score is suppos


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7 Responses to Bankruptcy Risk Score – The Credit Score You Don’t Know About

  1. Cap says:

    huhh.. never heard of this before.

    interesting! gonna see if I can dig up more info.

  2. Pretty interesting Jeffrey. It does make me wonder if it will get picked up by others and get a little momentum going to put some pressure on them to tell us a little about what it is they’re doing. I wrote about it tonight when I caught it on your blog.

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  5. garrett1 says:

    Hello and in-advance thank you for all your comments.

    I filed a BK 18 months ago. My fico scores are 618, 572 and 632. I was able to keep my home but I had to list my mortgage company in the BK forms, they were listed in section titled “Schedule F”. When I pulled up all three credit reports I saw that the Mortgage company listed me as closed and Past Due $0.00. I have never been late with this mortgage company and alway paid extra every month. Why are they reporting me as BK, and showing no payment history when I never placed them on the list for releaf in my BK. Could I ask for them to reaffirm our agreement and get them to remove the Neg results?

    In-advance, Thanks garrett1

  6. pfadvice says:

    You can see some answers to your question in our discussion area

  7. Mike says:

    This article is absolutely wrong with regard to scoring. This is from Experians website:
    Bankruptcy Watch adds confidence
    to your credit decisions. It ranks
    your accounts across the spectrum of
    creditworthiness, clearly illuminating
    the risk level associated with each
    account. The model generates one
    score per report, between 1 and 999.
    The higher the score, the less likely
    the consumer is to file for
    bankruptcy or exhibit serious
    delinquent or derogatory behavior.
    You set a cut-off score based on your
    portfolio objectives.

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