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This Site Is More Important Than Sex!!

Finances are more important than sex

Okay, Nate isn’t going to believe it, but you read that correct. I’m sure you unconsciously knew it all the time, but there is a valid reason why you came to this site (and why you should tell all your friends about it!) Who cares if personal finance isn’t sexy? The plain and simple truth is the information contained here is more important than sex when it comes to your relationships. As you can imagine, I’m feeling pretty good about this site at the moment because personal finance types don’t get to make statements like this too often.

I know, I know…you won’t just take my word for it (I wouldn’t either). So I’ll pull out the recent survey commissioned by the Fair Isaac Corp. (of FICO scores fame) that found being financially responsible was more important than sexual compatibility for both men and women when it came to sustaining a relationship.

Being financially responsible, however, doesn’t mean you can be a cheapskate. The survey also found that spending a few dollars unexpectedly can go a long way to making a relationship last. Nearly 7 in 10 (69%) thought purchasing four dozen roses “just because” was considered “wonderfully romantic” while nearly everyone (93%) felt the same way when taken out to a nice meal.

Women were especially concerned about finances saying that financial related topics were the top 2 most important factors for a relationship. These included a steady job and paying the bills on time. A good sense of humor ranked third and getting along with her parents, a desire to have children and a clean driving record rounded out the important issues. For men, a good job and good credit history ranked tied for third behind a good sense of humor and the ability to get along with family members.

So there you have it. The next time you on a hot date with your significant other and want to impress her with your responsibility, if asked if you have protection, be sure that the condom you pull out is of the credit card type.

5 thoughts on “This Site Is More Important Than Sex!!

  1. you crack me up … sex AND a plug for your condom site! genius.

    I probably wouldn’t have made the plug, but this week is National Condom Week so I figured it was somewhat appropriate.

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