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Getting A Prosper Loan

One of the things I would have liked to do is to both try and get a loan from Prosper and lend some money through Prosper just to be able to give a better account of how the system works, but unfortunately being in Japan at this time makes doing that a rather complicated issue. Today I noticed that Everyday Goddess set up a loan request at prosper and I’ll be interested to see how it turns out for her (her direct listing at prosper).

3 thoughts on “Getting A Prosper Loan

  1. I think will end financing the next al-Qaida suicide bomber. “Loan me ten grand so I can fix up my car at 15%.” Real meaning… loan me ten grand so I can turn my car into a bomb. What does a sleeper cell member have to worry about messing up his credit score or having creditors after him if he’s in the after-life? Just the crazy thoughts of my husband…

  2. Of course all things can be abused. You could make the same argument about the car. Because cars are made, there is the potential of car bombs.

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